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Reporter Tells Terrifying Tale Of What Happened After She Interviewed Epstein Attorney This Week

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Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted pedophile who is reported to have committed suicide in his jail cell in 2019 amidst much suspicion. Others feel that his death was not at his own hand, and are waiting for all names in his “black book” to be made public.

Ghislaine Maxwell, an associate and right hand of Epstein who was also arrested on similar charges, has provided information about his dealings and, after being sentenced to 20 years in prison, has been transferred to a minimum-security prison in Tallahassee, Florida. On July 17, 2037, Maxwell will be eligible for release from prison.

Recent litigation and court battles against Epstein and individuals with ties to him have prompted speculation that Maxwell may offer further information to benefit herself in the long term.

“Bill Clinton should be sweating bullets,” reporter Kari Donavan said. “It has long been suspected by court watchers that a notorious list of clientele for Epstein, allegedly including Clinton, would eventually emerge. The shocking warning came out of a new documentary that investigated the role of Britain’s Prince Andrew and his close ties as a client of Epstein’s when the comments were made that there could be further revelations about other clients of Epstein’s because his madame – Ghislaine Maxwell – who was recently convicted for crimes associated with Epstein has until June 2023 to cooperate with prosecutors, in possibly overturning more names.”

YouTube presenter Kim Iverson recently made a comment regarding Maxwell. “She is really the person who holds all the secrets,” she added. “This isn’t the end of the story.”

Alan Dershowitz, one of Epstein’s attorneys, was recently a guest on Iverson’s show. Everything was going well until Iverson shifted her line of questioning from recent issues to the Epstein case.

Conservative Brief claimed that Iversen opened the interview by inquiring about the Manhattan grand jury case against former President Donald Trump about the alleged “hush money” payment he made to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016 in relation to an alleged romance between the two in 2006. When Iverson pressed Dershowitz about his relationship with Epstein, the situation took an unexpected turn.

“Are you used to having people come on your show to talk about one subject and then sandbagging them on another subject without any warning?” Dershowitz asked as he was clearly upset. “This is the last time you’ll have me on your show.”

The response of Dershowitz spoke volumes. Iverson responds, “I guess I got what I needed out of you.”

Dershowitz was also questioned about Epstein’s suicide. “No. of course not— Wait, um, he didn’t kill himself without the help of some people. He killed himself with the help of um, guards.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The startling answers by Dershowitz were telling, but that is not the end of the matter. The night after the interview Iverson said that her cameras caught someone attempting to break into her home.

“I woke up at 5am thinking someone was trying to break into my house. I got up, looked around all my entry points, saw nothing and went back to bed. Then at 6am my cameras went off picking up 2 people attempting to break into my home,” she said. CONTINUE READING…

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