Republican Agenda Leaked For When They Take Back The House

During an address to the members of the Republican party, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy outlined several priorities for his party if they are to regain control of the House during the mid-term election in 2022.

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“Republican priorities when we regain the majority next year: 1 – Hold the Biden Administration accountable 2 – Secure the Border 3 – Make our cities safe again 4 – Rein in the out-of-control inflation 5 – Stop the overreach of government mandates,” the California Republican tweeted Friday.

A Republican spokesperson told Fox News the GOP agenda is much more comprehensive than the points outlined in the press conference, including supply chain issues, Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the porous southern border, questions about the origins of COVID, among other issues.

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It was established by the Fox News source that Republicans have already sent preservation notices and have filed requests for documents, so that they will be ready on Day 1 to use “all the tools at our disposal” to find answers to questions such as the politically motivated actions of Biden’s Department of Justice and the disclosure of private information by the IRS and NSA.

There is troubling evidence that Biden has no traction with the American people with regards to his approval rating, with only 33% of the country agreeing with pollsters that his job performance is good. Approximately a year after the president began his four-year term, 55% of Americans say they do not approve of his performance.

Many people believe the Republican Party is in a strong position to take back control of the House of Representatives in November. However, the Democrats’ campaign arm for reelection to the House outraised its Republican rivals in 2016, as both major parties built up their resources ahead of what is expected to be a fierce fight for control of the House.

There has been a buzz that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has been collecting quite a bit of money for its 2020 campaign, hauling in what it describes as a “whopping” $146 million in campaign funds, shattering its previous off-election year fundraiser record by $22 million.

The DCCC, which released its fundraising numbers to FOX Business on Friday, told the news network that it raised $39.7 million in the fourth quarter of October-December. The quarter was credited as the most successful quarter of fundraising in its history.

While the Democrats may have a fundraising advantage at the start of 2022, they face some historic headwinds leading up to the midterms. As a general rule, the party that wins the White House in a presidential election loses over 25 more House seats in the midterm election that follows.

Democratic Party leaders also face a difficult political climate, and President Biden and congressional Democrats have faced major setbacks on social spending and election reform bills, and the president’s poll numbers have slumped for five months in a row, doing them no favors as they attempt to regain the majority in November.

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Reports indicate that Biden plans to take executive actions on police reform sometime later this month in an effort to bypass the stalemate in Congress.

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, Biden’s poll numbers have fallen to 33% as he continues to struggle with his landmark Build Back Better plan and voting rights legislation.

Both Republicans and Democrats have proposed plans for police reform since protests over police brutality followed the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020.

In a last-ditch effort to boost the president’s achievements record ahead of his State of the Union address on March 1, the police reform action appears to be part of the president’s efforts.

Sources tell NBC News that Democrats are looking for ways to pass voting rights bills and the Build Back Better package, either by reducing the size of the package or by breaking it up into multiple bills in Congress.

In contrast to the Department of Justice’s actions last year that restricted chokeholds and ‘no-knock’ warrants, the executive actions are still being formulated, and it is not yet clear exactly how they will differ.

According to NBC News, Biden is planning to launch the new reform during Black History month, in an effort to bolster waning Democratic support among Black voters. Black voters are a key demographic for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

According to the new Quinnipiac poll, 57% of Black Americans approve of Biden’s job in office, which is still higher than any other demographic but down from 78% in April 2021.

Last year, the White House withheld executive action as the House of Representatives and the Senate worked on their own legislation. Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Tim Scott of South Carolina announced in September that they had halted their police reform talks due to a lack of progress in bridging their differences.

Lawmakers hit a snag when it came to qualified immunity, which shields police officers from civil suits. A statement by Booker emphasized that Democrats ‘could not let go of their push to defund our law enforcement.’

Nonetheless, White House press secretary Jen Psaki hinted Thursday that President Biden was willing to take action on his own.

‘I think there’s a recognition and a commitment by the president to deliver on what he promised,’ she said.

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Democratic Senators are also looking into new ways to pass police reform. Rep. Jim Clyburn, S.C., the third most powerful Democrat in the House, told NBC News he was considering attaching the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to a “must-pass” bill such as the budget.

Clyburn, whose endorsement of Biden was crucial to his nomination, wants the president to do a good job of not forgetting Black voters who sent him to the White House.

Clyburn said Biden in particular was pushed to take tougher measures on voting rights, even at the cost of laying down the hammer with fellow Democrats.