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Republican Beats Powerful House Democrat in Stinging Loss for Democrats

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As ballots continue to be tabulated after the midterm election, the battle for New York’s 17th congressional district has been unusually tight, but has been called for Republican Mike Lawler.

“NEWS: Sean Patrick Maloney, the chairman of the DCCC, just called Republican Mike Lawler to concede his Lower Hudson Valley race. This is a stinging loss for Democrats, and Maloney in particular, on a night when the party otherwise faired better than expected,” Nicholas Fandos, a political correspondent for the New York Times Metro section, tweeted.

Lawler had 50.54 percent of the vote, according to 270towin, with almost 93 percent of the vote counted, while Democratic candidate Sean Patrick Maloney, leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, had 49.46 percent.

The New York Times published Maloney’s capitulation and Lawler’s victory, even though the Associated Press had not yet called the contest.

On Twitter, one of Lawler’s campaign spokespeople also verified the news.

“NY-17 Update: Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney just called to graciously concede to @lawler4ny. News conference in Rockland at 2 pm,” Wm. F. B. O’Reilly tweeted.

The Times remarked that such a loss has not occurred in decades, since the DCCC is highly influential in New York and such a loss has not occurred in decades.

“The concession was a telling and significant outcome for a lawmaker who serves as the leader of the Democratic Party’s campaign operation in the House. And it was the first time since the early 1990s that the chairman of either party’s House campaign committee lost a race for re-election,” the Times reported.

The Times said that Lawler, a first-term assemblyman, was notorious for his vigorous campaign against Maloney.

Maloney had a tough fight against Lawler as the assemblyman “rode a wave of discontent and traditional midterm strength by the party out of the White House into a major win,” the Times added.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Meanwhile, the results of the 25 other New York representative seats that were up for grabs are trickling in, or at least getting closer to being called, according to 270towin updates.

Republicans won in districts one, two, 11, 21, 23, and 24, so far, according to 270towin. CONTINUE READING…

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