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Republican Congressman Announces Absolutely Tragic News

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On Tuesday, Representative Derrick Van Orden, 53, of Wisconsin announced his daughter’s departure to the public.

The press department of Van Orden issued a statement announcing the death of Sydney Marie Martenis, the congressman’s oldest daughter, after a yearlong battle with cancer.

“It is with the most profound sense of grief and joy that Sara Jane and I announce the passing of our oldest daughter, Sydney Marie (Van Orden) Martenis, after a year of battling a very aggressive form of cancer. She died peacefully surrounded by her family,” according to Van Orden, a former Navy Seal.

“We are heartbroken that we cannot share her smile and laugh in person any longer but are so thankful that she is resting with our Lord and that we were able to spend these years with her and her family.”

The representative disseminated the news via official announcements posted on his website and social media platforms administered by his press office.

“Sydney is survived by grandma Virginia Whitelock, husband Chris, daughter Madelyn, sons Charlie and Roman, father and mother Derrick and Sara Jane, sister Abigail (Williams), brothers Theodore and Daniel, and many uncles, aunts, and cousins,” the release added.” “Thank you for all of the tender mercies you have shown to our family. May God bless you all.”

Chris Martenis, the deceased’s spouse, took to social media on the same day to share a brief eulogy for his late wife, in which he extolled her as a paragon of marital and maternal virtues.

“She was the hardest working, most thoughtful, and deeply caring person that I know. She was a wonderful mother – she was always surprising me with interesting and challenging experiences for our kids,” Martenis remarked.

He continued, “She was a better partner and wife than I deserve – she made me a better person through her example in how to be a good friend, how to care for kids, and how to take part in a loving marriage. She was exemplary – she held herself to a standard that few, if any, could meet. The world is less bright without her here.”

Legislative colleagues extended condolences to Van Orden upon his passing.

“No parent should have to experience this kind of heartbreak. I’m praying for [Rep. Van Orden] and his family during this tragic time,” said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. CONTINUE READING…

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