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Republicans, Mercifully, Finally Get Some Good News Regarding the 2022 Election

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Republicans could use some positive news, given that the Senate is back in the hands of the Democrats and they’ve lost key governorships. The election has been an absolute disaster, with one of the greatest electoral conditions in decades being utterly destroyed.

Despite the fact that gloomy predictions are more than justified, I finally have some uplifting news regarding the House of Representatives. Nothing is final yet, but three significant developments on Sunday evening, including a call after a ballot dump in Arizona, seem to indicate that the Republicans will win the House.

The above-mentioned three seats were critically important for the Democrats to maintain the House. This Oregon seat was actually higher up on the firewall, which definitely seals the deal by itself. The return of Juan Ciscomani in Arizona will likely add only one seat to the Republican total of 220-221.

Why then isn’t it official? In conclusion, it will take California weeks to finish counting its ballots (because, of course). However, the majority of disputed seats are held by Republicans in districts that support them. Mike Garcia has already declared victory in CA-27, and his opponent has virtually surrendered (in a lengthy, whiny Twitter thread), but the election has not yet been “called.” There are other such races of this type occurring in the world.

The best scenario for the Democrats looks to be 217, which would need an inside straight. At this point, I’m as hesitant as anyone to express confidence, but it’s probably safe to exhale on the House. The Republicans will almost probably dominate the chamber, and while the election was disappointing overall, the next two years will be filled with exciting GOP investigations. Buckle up.

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