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Republicans Take Urgent Action Against Kamala To Force Her Off Border Assignment

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Kamala Harris, the first ‘proud’ ‘African-American’ Vice President for the Democrats, whose parents are of Indian and Jamaican descent, has been one of the nation’s most humiliating politicians.

Now that Republicans have seen and heard enough of her, they want her removed from a very powerful post protecting the US border, where her laziness and narcissism jeopardize the lives and safety of Americans.

Harris, who served as the 32nd Attorney General of California and helped mess up the state first as the top cop and then as a Senator, should have been able to manage the cushy post of Vice President, but she has failed.

Martin Walsh wrote for Conservative brief that frustrated Republicans are demanding that Vice President Kamala Harris be removed from her role as “border czar.” Ronny Jackson, a Republican from Texas, filed a resolution earlier this year that has 26 co-sponsors and believes that Harris and President Joe Biden have utterly failed to tackle the border situation.

“Instead of working for the American people, Kamala Harris has worked against us by ignoring her responsibilities as Border Czar. Rather than doing her job, Harris sits back and watches as illegal immigration skyrockets, countless people at home and abroad are victimized by drug and human trafficking, and CBP officers are left without resources or support from the Biden Administration. Make no mistake – Harris’ approach is by design, and she must be stopped,” Jackson said.

“It is past time for Joe Biden to remove her from the Border Czar role and appoint someone who will put Americans’ interests first. A nation without borders is no nation at all. We need a real leader at the helm who will secure our southern border, and, in turn, our country’s bright future. A single canned photo op and pointless foreign trips to Northern Triangle countries on the taxpayers’ dime are not cutting it. I urge Speaker Pelosi to bring my resolution to the House Floor immediately, for the American peoples’ sake,” Jackson continued.

Walsh continued and reported:

Florida GOP Reps. Byron Donalds and Mike Waltz also recently denounced Harris’ performance in office, slamming her “failures” as she went on a two-stop tour in the Sunshine State.

Donalds stated that Harris has failed in his role as “border czar” and that the Mexican border strategy is a “abject failure” with “anemic security policies.”

“She’s been ineffective in her primary role of securing the nation,” Donalds said.

Waltz offered similar comments.

“She’s going to the Spec Ops command to receive a briefing. I find that quite ironic and sad. I wish they had done that and listened to them before the Afghan debacle,” said Waltz. “The intelligence community is briefing us on a regular basis that ISIS and Al Qaeda again intend to hit us.”

According to figures from Customs and Border Protection, the number of illegal immigrant crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border exceeded 2.76 million in fiscal year 2022, shattering the previous annual record by more than 1 million.

Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas who represents a region near the southern border, has also demanded Harris’ replacement as “border czar.”

“I’ve moved on from the vice president to say, ‘OK, let’s work with the ambassadors, and let’s work with the State Department. Let’s work with the Homeland Secretary.’ I think that’s the way to address it, but I know that the media has put a lot of focus on the vice president, but with all due respect, she was given that title. I don’t think she’s, with all due respect, putting the effort in there…We’ve got to look at other folks that have the expertise on that,” Cuellar said.

“Harris, who was appointed by Joe Biden to serve as the “border czar,” has been under fire over her failure to visit the southern border,” Walsh reported, adding”

“Several busloads of migrants were dropped off again in front of Harris’ vice presidential residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., on Christmas Eve.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

In recent months, Abbott and other red state governors have been sending thousands of migrants north to “sanctuary” cities like Chicago, New York City, Martha’s Vineyard, and Washington, D.C., as a means of drawing attention to the chaos along the U.S.-Mexico border that they have blamed on President Biden’s lax immigration and enforcement policies.” CONTINUE READING…

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