Resurfaced Video Showing Biden’s Mental Incapabilities

“He just thought this event was being held at the Dulles Airport Applebee’s.”

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This was a “public held secret” for such a long time before he was pushed to the presidential seat, in order for others to rule once again.

Having spent a life in politics and mourned the death of a son, many, even many in the Democrat’s lines were wondering if he could handle the stress and commitment that came with being POTUS.

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As many Americans and the world has witnessed, Joe Biden hasn’t had the easiest of times when it comes to simply read a teleprompter. Not to mention walking up the stairs of Air Force One. Either way, it seems that the cognitive delusions of Amtrak Joe were a common joke in D.C. during the Obama administration.

Speaking at the 2014 White House Correspondents Dinner, comedian and actor Joel McHale ripped into the then Vice President.

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After seeing this, tell me honestly, weren’t a lot of suspects and doubts confirmed?