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Revealed: Identity Of Unnamed Albanian Official Listed IN Indictment Of Ex-FBI Official May Be Hunter Biden Link

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The ties between Hunter Biden and other persons involved in international transactions have been obscure until recently. Journalists are assembling evidence that appears to establish a link between Biden and criminal individuals and organizations throughout the world. The material discovered on the abandoned laptop of Hunter Biden has been disclosed slowly, but those examining the links that the information points to are finding answers.

The “who” and “why” questions regarding Hunter Biden’s foreign business operations are being addressed, and the linkages to Joe Biden’s administration, particularly the FBI, are becoming apparent for those who can connect the dots.

A new report by Kokalari for Bongino.com demonstrates some of the following connections:

Back in September of last year, the Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan penned a great story documenting the Biden administration’s tolerance for corruption in Albania’s socialist government under current prime minister Edi Rama.

He detailed connections between Rama, the Albanian mafia, and Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel (perhaps best known for formerly being headed by drug lord “El Chapo”), which Dan Bongino also explained during a bombshell episode of his podcast last week. Dan also covered the recent indictment of Charles McGonigal, the ex-FBI official in charge of the FBI’s Counterintel Division in New York who was charged with violating sanctions against Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

According to the indictment, it was from an unnamed former Albanian intelligence official that’s a naturalized U.S. citizen and lives in New Jersey that McGonigal received the $225,000 from that he was indicted over. While not named in the indictment, in the Albanian media there’s no question that the identity of the Albanian man who gave $225k to McGonigal is Agron Neza – who does match the description of being a former Albanian intel official and a naturalized U.S. citizen that lives in New Jersey. McGonigal also is a partner in the Albanian firm Lawoffice & Investigation, whose corporate filing shows four partners, including McGonigal and Neza.

But as Rogan noted in concluding his article last year, one glaring question remained unanswered: why? What exactly does Biden gain by being friendly with Rama’s corrupt regime? That’s where another unnamed Albanian listed in the indictment comes into play. This particular unnamed Albanian official mentioned in the indictment is described as being employed by a “Chinese energy conglomerate and operated as an informal adviser to the Prime Minister of Albania, retaining an official Albanian government email account and passport.”

The report establishes a connection between Biden and the following individuals:

This description matches that of Dorian Ducka, who is Edi Rama’s Adviser of Investments, a position he’s held since 2016. Ducka was formerly Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry of Albania (2013-2015). Internal court documents obtained by Business Insider last year when McGonigal was first coming under scrutiny revealed that he was asked to preserve all materials and communications with a number of people that included Neza and Ducka.

Ducka worked for CEFC, the Chinese energy conglomerate which Hunter Biden had what the Washington Post describes as “one of the most lucrative, if short-lived ventures Hunter Biden is known to have pursued” – at the same time as Hunter. It’s Hunter’s work related to CEFC that the infamous “10% for the big guy” email allegedly referencing President Biden is in connection to. Ducka still works there today. Ducka was photographed with the chairman of CEFC in May 2017, as was reported by China state news “China Daily” at the time. CONTINUE READING…

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