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RFK Jr. Blasts Biden WH After It Makes ‘Midnight Announcement’: ‘What Are They Hiding?’

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Democratic presidential candidate, continues to be a nuisance in the side of the incumbent administration, but this time the issue at hand is particularly personal.

Robert Kennedy, Robert’s uncle, lashed out on Twitter at the secretive manner in which President Joe Biden and his administration decided and announced that they would “maintain secrecy indefinitely” on certain documents pertaining to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy, Robert’s uncle.

Kennedy ripped into what he termed a “midnight announcement” on his personal Twitter account on Sunday, sparing no expletives.

“It’s not about conspiracy – it is about transparency,” Kennedy tweeted Sunday. “In a midnight Friday night announcement the White House has delivered the bad news that President Biden will be maintaining secrecy indefinitely on some JFK assassination related records.”

Kennedy appeared to be referring to a Friday White House memorandum to executive-branch departments and agencies.

The Biden release noted that “[i]n light of the recommendation for continued postponement of public release of information in the records identified in section 2(b) of this memorandum under the statutory standard, I hereby certify, by the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 5(g)(2)(D) of the Act, that continued postponement of public disclosure of that information is necessary to protect against identifiable harms to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, and the conduct of foreign relations that are of such gravity that they outweigh the public interest in disclosure.”

Kennedy reacted correspondingly to the claim that there is still “identifiable harm” associated with the release of information about an event that occurred so long ago.

“The assassination was 60 years ago,” he wrote in one Twitter post. “What national security secrets could possibly be at risk? What are they hiding?”

“The White House announcement is unlawful,” Kennedy continued. “In 1992 the JFK Records Act was passed unanimously by Congress with the promise that all assassination related records would be released no later than October 2017. This promise has broken once again with this midnight announcement.”

In his final tweet, Kennedy also promoted his 2024 presidential campaign and took a parting dig at the Biden administration.

“Public trust in government is at an all-time low. Releasing these records would be a small but significant step toward regaining that trust,” Kennedy tweeted before ending with “#Kennedy24.”

While Joe Biden remains the overwhelming frontrunner to emerge as the Democratic nominee for president in the general election of 2024, Kennedy has demonstrated some appeal among voters.

Kennedy has primarily presented himself as a moderate voice within a Democratic Party that is increasingly leaning to the left.

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