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Right on Target: Sen. Kennedy Summarizes What Americans Think of Joe Biden

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Joe Biden is in grave peril.

The election of 2024 is still several years away. However, as I previously reported, even CNN admits that Biden has a significant problem with his approval ratings. Less than one-third of Americans believe Joe Biden merits a second term in office. Only 32% concur, while 67% believe he does not deserve a second term. That is a shockingly low number for someone who is considering running again. Or, in the words of CNN’s John King, the numbers were “beyond sobering” for Joe Biden and the Democrats’ chances in 2024.

He was also ineffective on a variety of issues, including the two most crucial: the economy and immigration.

With these numbers, he will encourage more candidates to run against him, as they will see that Americans do not want him. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his candidacy last night, and the media immediately attacked him for his audacity, with CNN’s Jake Tapper labeling him a “quack.” They fear that he may present a formidable obstacle. A debate between him and Biden would be interesting to observe because he most assuredly does not share their narrative.

On Thursday night, Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) appeared on Sean Hannity’s program and provided an excellent summary of Biden’s approval rating.

“President Biden’s approval rating ranks right up there with jock itch,” Kennedy declared.

Now, he is quite on point with that. However, I believe Kennedy may be giving Biden a bit too much credit, as Biden’s approval rating is likely lower than groin irritation, as evidenced by a few issues this week.

People gave Biden the benefit of the doubt at the beginning of his tenure, as reflected in his favorable poll numbers. But after Afghanistan, Americans realized his incompetence. They witnessed him repeatedly assert that he was correct, that everything was proceeding smoothly, and that we would remain in the country until every American had left. They observed that he had lied about everything. They observed him checking his watch as the corpses of thirteen service members returned home. And the minds of many were opened. His sales figures have never recovered.

The Biden administration released the long-awaited report on the Afghanistan withdrawal on Thursday. The withdrawal resulted in the deaths of thirteen Americans, over one hundred Afghans, and numerous others. We abandoned hundreds of Americans and thousands of allies to whom we owed a moral obligation. In lieu of these allies, random individuals who had not been screened were thrown onto our aircraft. John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesperson for Biden, attempted to mislead America. He stated that Biden was pleased with his accomplishments, that the report was not about “accountability” (you may repeat this), and that he did not observe any “chaos” during the withdrawal. In addition, he claimed that it improved the country’s strategic position, despite the fact that it fueled the ambitions of our adversaries and was likely one of the reasons Russia invaded Ukraine, knowing that someone was sleeping at the White House. They also attempted to place the responsibility on former President Donald Trump, alleging that they were limited in what they could do. That was absurd. However, they deemed it a “success” at the time and continue to assert they are “proud” of it. However, Trump is at fault. They are incapable of keeping their falsehoods straight.

This week, following Trump’s arraignment on Tuesday, Joe Biden demonstrated his lack of interest in being a “unifier.” He ran on a platform of unity, but he has been anything but, attacking and demonizing millions of Americans who supported former President Donald Trump. There is also the political targeting of Trump, which includes multiple investigations and an arrest that has been widely criticized by legal scholars. After viewing the indictment, Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, stated that the case was so problematic that it was likely to fail before it even began. As the media was forced out of the room, Biden smirked and chuckled when questioned about the arraignment. He is so wicked and depraved. He cannot control his gloating for more than a couple of minutes.

In addition to the fact that he costs them hundreds of dollars more per month, Americans do not want Biden to run again because they recognize that he is warped in light of such behavior. It is difficult to ignore how much he has affected everyone’s finances. They may attempt to bully people on other issues, but they cannot do so on this one. Because Americans experience inflation on a daily basis, we are aware of how much more we pay under Biden.

I am unsure whether Biden will be physically or mentally competent to run for president in 2024. He has completely lost his mind at this point. If these numbers persist, he will be up a creek without a paddle if he does. But less than jock rash indicates that Americans will be anxious to remove Biden from office in 2024.

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