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RINO Liz Cheney Stuns with Announcement on Her Next Move

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This is humiliating, but we must discuss it: Liz Cheney has displayed her out-of-control ego, and no one seems concerned enough to advise her to clean it up and put it away.

The controversial former US Representative, who ascended to power instantly upon entering office in Washington DC due to her father’s status in the Republican party at the time, fell catastrophically after picking a fight with President Donald J. Trump and was voted out of office by Republican voters.

Cheney has often demonstrated that she does not comprehend how the Representative Republic operates.

Cheney was unable to resign gracefully after losing the GOP nomination, as Republicans turned against her; in her concessions speech, she continued to be petulant towards Trump and his conservative-populist movement.

Newsweek reported on her pouting address.

Cheney was beaten by her Republican opponent Harriet Hageman, who was backed by former President Donald Trump, and will not return to Congress for a fourth term next year.

In her remarks from Jackson, Wyoming, Cheney, the Republican Party’s harshest critic of Trump, made it clear that she would not back down from her denunciations of the former president and urged Americans to unite against Trump’s failed efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The congressman reminded the audience on Tuesday that she had won reelection in a landslide just four years ago, arguing that she could have done so again this midterm election cycle if she had toed Trump’s line.

Cheney’s admission that she was not in politics to serve the will of the people and that she does not care about the consent of the governed demonstrated that serving the public is primarily motivated by her desire for power and control.

Listen as she said that in her fare-thee well speech:

“No House seat, no office in this land is more important than the principles that we are all sworn to protect, and I well understood the potential political consequences of abiding by my duty. Our republic relies upon the goodwill of all candidates for office to accept honorably the outcome of elections. And tonight, Harriet Hageman has received the most votes in this primary. She won. I called her to concede the race. This primary election is over but now the real work begins.”

She stated that nothing is more important to her than her own agenda. Because of this, she lost.

And now she is attempting to embarrass herself before the world once more.

Little Cheney’s Daddy, former Vice President under George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, urged his daughter to lead his ongoing war against Republicans and the America First program, while he backed her up and pushed her along while taking jabs at Trump himself.

When Liz proceeds with her latest attack on Trump and his followers, many people question if her father is behind her.

Obviously, Cheney’s expected plan to run for president might be a fundraising ploy or an attempt to steal votes from the populist leader.

Cheney recently addressed a group of supporters in pro-CCP Boston, Massachusetts, and continued her failing ideology by taking another shot at Trump.


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