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Roger Stone Involved In Serious Car Crash

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Roger Stone, an iconic political commentator and longtime friend and advisor of Donald J. Trump, was recently engaged in a horrific and tragic vehicle accident on his way to film a program on the midterm elections of 2022.

Stone was being taken to the Mike Lindell studios near Memphis, Tennessee, for that day’s edition of the Stone Zone on Frank Speech when the Black SUV he was riding in was forcefully struck by a truck that jumped a red light and collided violently with the Stone vehicle, totaling both vehicles.

Stone informed the reporters that he believes he would have been killed if the Truck had struck the SUV in the passenger compartment, only feet from where it did impact.

Stone, a devout Christian, recounted the accident and stated that his survival that day was a miracle, the fifth miracle he had witnessed in recent years.

As a historic political figure and defender of American liberty, he and his family have been the target of the leftist-lapdog media’s Soviet-style show trials for years. Stone has been harassed, bullied, threatened, and bankrupted by the same ‘deep state swamp’ as President Donald J. Trump, yet he remains a powerful and recognized voice for American liberty, and he always emerges unscathed.

Stone’s bio states: “Roger Jason Stone is an American conservative political consultant and lobbyist. Since the 1970s, Stone has worked on the campaigns of Republican politicians, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump.”

We Love Trump reported on the near-fatal accident:

“Stone was the passenger of an SUV when a pickup truck reportedly T-boned him while traveling in Memphis, Tennessee. The good news is Roger Stone wasn’t hurt in what Stone is now calling a miracle.

Flying glass hit two bodyguards in the vehicle transporting Stone, but no one was seriously harmed.

The Daily Mail dropped these details:

Roger Stone says it’s a miracle he wasn’t hurt Wednesday afternoon when the luxury SUV he rode to a television appearance near Memphis, Tenn., was violently hit by another vehicle.

Two bodyguards in Stone’s car received minor injuries from flying glass. Stone is a political strategist and close friend of Donald Trump.

Stone told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview that the black late-model Ford Expedition he was a passenger in was rear-ended by a pickup vehicle that, according to Stone, ran a red light.

Stone stated he was on his way to broadcast The Stone Zone, his daily political program that airs on the television stations of Mike Lindell, a fellow Trump friend and conservative My Pillow salesman.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The accident occurred shortly after 3:30 p.m. in Germantown, Tenn., a suburb of Memphis. CONTINUE READING…

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