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Roseanne Barr Roasts Biden for Gloating Over Trump, Promoting Alter Ego Merchandise

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President Joe Biden released a social media video featuring the “Dark Brandon” motif to promote merchandise on the day that former President Donald Trump was arraigned on charges related to his 2020 election challenge.

Roseanne Barr appears with a query.

“Do you get 10% of all sales for this too?” she posted in her reply to Biden’s video of himself drinking a cup of coffee and saying, “I like my coffee dark.”

Barr was referring to reports that Joe Biden, also known as the “big guy,” would receive a 10 percent share of the proceeds from a contract his son Hunter Biden was negotiating with a Chinese energy company.

The Biden tweet elicited numerous sarcastic responses.

A link posted alongside the video directs interested parties to a page where they can purchase a mug and contribute to Biden’s re-election campaign.

The mug depicts Biden with the laser eyes that have become synonymous with the “Dark Brandon” caricature, which Biden supporters have used on social media to promote the normally feeble and frequently befuddled president as some sort of superhero-in-hiding.

“Dark Brandon, dark roast. Tea drinkers welcome. Purchase is a donation to Biden Victory Fund. AMERICAN MADE | UNION PRINTED,” the text for the $22 mug stated.

According to Axios, 54 percent of the items sold by the Biden campaign are “Dark Brandon” merchandise.

This caricature is a reaction to the use of “Let’s Go Brandon” as an anti-Biden rallying cry. This phrase originated from a report asserting that was what a NASCAR crowd was chanting, when in fact the audience was chanting “f— Joe Biden.”

Axios reported that Biden is lagging in terms of contributions from minor donors, or those who contribute less than $200.

Small donors contributed $10,2 million to Biden’s campaign in the last quarter.

In 2011, when he was seeking a second term, then-President Barack Obama raised $21.2 million from modest donors during the same period.

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