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Russian TV Mocks Biden in Artificially-Created Video, And It’s Not a Good Sign for the US

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As international tensions reach levels not seen in decades, one of the United States’ principal adversaries has released a video that all Americans should be concerned about.

On Thursday, journalist Patrick Henningsen shared on Twitter a video disseminated by the Russian media outlet Russia Today (RT) that ridicules what Moscow perceives to be the incompetence of Western leaders in responding to Russian aggression.

The video displayed artificial intelligence-generated footage of President Joe Biden and several of his European counterparts frustrated by the ineffectiveness of existing sanctions against Russia and attempting to figure out what to do through rather ridiculous means.

For example, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak spins a carnival wheel to determine which Russian official to sanction next, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen throws darts at a map to determine where to ban RT next, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz uses ChatGPT to determine which sanctions should be implemented next.

The most troubling aspect of this video is its portrayal of Biden.

The video started with Biden banging his head against the wall of the Oval Office mindlessly muttering, “better, stronger, and effective” while trying to figure out how to deal with Russia. Later, the video showed him lying on the floor saying, “I’m so tired.”

Obviously, this is not the best appearance for Biden.

This is how the world perceives Biden’s ability to manage the presidency, and what’s even scarier is that this video is not wildly inaccurate in its portrayal of Biden.

Biden is notorious for stumbling over his words during speeches, making humiliating gaffes, and telling lengthy, rambling, peculiar, and possibly untrue personal stories.

Conservatives in the United States have been on Biden’s case about this, but foreign news media have been no kinder in their treatment of his gaffes.

The point is that, were it not for the disclaimer at the bottom of the video stating that it was created using artificial intelligence, one could be excused for assuming that this is genuine footage of Vice President Biden in the Oval Office.

One Twitter user stated that the only issue with the video was that Biden was “too coherent” to be genuine.

Simply stated, Biden is an international and domestic laughingstock. Other leaders may be mocked in the video, but Biden is depicted as the weakest, as an elderly man sprawled vanquished on the White House floor.

As tensions escalate with both Russia and China, we need a strong leader who can stand up to our adversaries more than ever. This video demonstrates that our adversaries do not view Biden as a leader worthy of respect.

If this is how the Russians perceive Vice President Biden, the United States is in grave peril.

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