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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Breaks Silence on GOP Presidential Primary, Makes Endorsement

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She announced on Tuesday that Republican Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders will support former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign this week.

Wednesday, according to NBC News, the official endorsement will be delivered by the press secretary for Trump’s White House from 2017 to 2019.

Sanders, who has led Arkansas since January, told the network in a statement that “prosperity” had increased in the United States under Trump.

“It’s not a question between right versus left anymore,” she told NBC News on Tuesday. “It’s normal versus crazy, and President Biden and the left are doubling down on crazy.”

“The time has come to return to the normal policies of the Trump era which created a safer, stronger, and more prosperous America, and that’s why I am proud to endorse Donald Trump for President,” Sanders added.

Trump’s campaign celebrated the endorsement in a news release:

In the Arkansas governor’s residence, the governor will support Trump over Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Asa Hutchinson, her predecessor.

Morning Consult reports that Hutchinson, who is presently receiving a 0% endorsement in the Republican 2024 primary, has not declared his intention to withdraw from the race.

He will be absent from the Republican debates hosted by NBC News on Wednesday. Additionally, Trump is rumored to forego the debate in order to host a rally in the vicinity of Miami, where Sanders is expected to lend his support.

Sanders’ support was reportedly perceived as belated by Trump allies.

According to a source in the former president’s inner circle, there have been numerous inquiries into why Trump’s former press secretary has chosen to extend her support at this late stage.

“[Mar-aLago] has been furious with her for months for going this long without endorsing,” the person reportedly said. “There’s always a way back in Trump world, but I’m not sure if President Trump will ever view her the same again.”

Trump stated in an internal statement that he was honored to receive the endorsement.

“We had great success in the White House and it’s an honor to have Sarah’s endorsement,” Trump said. “I look forward to having her at the big rally in Hialeah this Wednesday.”

Sanders’ support for DeSantis arrives one day after Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds did so on Monday evening at a rally in her state.

“As a mother, grandmother, and American, I can’t sit on the sidelines,” Reynolds posted after the rally. “@RonDeSantis is the person who will fight for you. Who will have the moral conviction to do what’s right & the ability to actually do what he promises.”

The governor concluded, “His record proves that. He has my full endorsement!”

DeSantis acknowledged Reynold’s support in a post on X that featured video snippets of some of her Monday remarks.

“Ron DeSantis is without a doubt the person that we need leading this country,” Reynolds said.

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