SCOTUS Activist Turns To Kamala

The Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade next week, as early as Monday, according to some reports.

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The New York Post reports that “The high court updated its calendar Thursday to indicate decisions would be handed down on Monday and Wednesday of next week.”

“The Supreme Court does not announce in advance which cases will have an opinion released on a particular day.”

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According to the Post, the high court still has 29 decisions before its summer break.

Last week, the Supreme Court did something out of the ordinary: It did not issue a ruling in any of the cases it heard.

There are many weeks during the year when the Supreme Court does not rule, of course, but this is less common in the month before the court’s annual October-to-June term ends.

It has entered the closing period of its most turbulent term in recent memory with many prominent cases still pending.

The leak of Samuel Alito’s draft decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization last month has created behind-the-scenes friction.

It’s possible that the court didn’t make any rulings because they are preparing for what happens after Roe v. Wade is struck down.

Outside of violence, the left is preparing for the possibility, also. Their preparations involve the vice president.

The Conservative Brief reports:

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Several left-wing pro-abortion organizations are appealing to Vice President Kamala Harris to help highlight and provide guidance to their efforts to make preserving the procedure a voting issue in the November midterms.

As reported by USA Today, the liberal groups are aware that Harris has a long history of championing abortion dating back to when she was the attorney general for the state of California, and now believe her voice on the issue can help drive Democratic voter turnout during an election environment that is heavily favoring Republicans.

“I can’t think of another more important, pressing issue for the vice president to take on,” former Harris communications director Ashley Etienne told the outlet. “She has that opportunity to go out and make that case that we have to be very vigilant about protecting and defending not just our rights, but our democracy.”

According to USA Today:

The potential for Republican legislators across the country to pass measures that effectively ban most abortions, or substantially curtail access, is so significant that Democrats say even a partial reversal of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court could have a big impact on turnout in the midterms.

They say that with Harris leading the charge against new restrictions on abortion, the party may be able to energize its base, including women, people of color and young Americans whose loyalty has wavered since President Joe Biden took office.

“We know women of color, in particular, are disproportionately affected and will be disproportionately affected by abortion bans and what we’re going to see out of the court,” said NARAL Pro-Choice America president Mini Timmaraju to USA Today. “She’s got a unique voice, as a result, to really mobilize a critical constituency that we need to get excited about the midterm elections.”

As of now, the Biden administration is developing messaging aimed at attracting a broad base of supporters.

Officials, for example, are already depicting the leaked draft of the Supreme Court ruling as a direct attack against women and same-sex couples “whose rights they say could be under threat next, and low-income Americans, who may not have the means to access safe and legal abortion outside their home states,” The USA Today report added.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote the draft reasoning only about Roe v. Wade. There was no mention of same-sex marriage or any other constitutionally protected right.

Moreover, the concern over low-income Americans is hollow to millions of voters because of soaring inflation. They are suffering through skyrocketing prices of gas and food. That’s the biggest thing they are worried about right now. The latest polls attest to this, and that voters are blaming Biden and Democrats overall. That’s why the GOP is predicted to sweep House seats in the coming midterms.

As for Kamala, she highlights two points: If the SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade, citizens’ rights to privacy and personal autonomy will be compromised.

Kamala spoke at an EMILY’s List gala last month. She proclaimed:

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“At its core, Roe recognizes the fundamental right to privacy. When the right to privacy is attacked, anyone in our country may face a future where the government can interfere with their personal decisions – not just women; anyone.”

The USA Today report adds:

Inside the White House, the president’s Gender Policy Council Director Jennifer Klein has been coordinating the administration’s response to the consequential opinion, which the Supreme Court is expected to issue later this month.

Klein has been working closely with the Health and Human Services and Justice departments. She held a series of listening sessions on the issue last month with LGBTQ+ activists, state legislators and reproductive rights groups. Klein hosted the latter meeting alongside Harris’ domestic policy adviser, Rohini Kosoglu.