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SCOTUS Justice Alito Drops Major Announcement After Leak Allegation Investigation

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As anticipated, the left seeks vengeance against conservative US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for his role in overturning Roe v. Wade in 2022.

A guy purporting to be a former pastor and pro-life activist, who is now affiliated with the left-leaning group “Demand Justice,” urgently pitched a story to the left-leaning media in an obvious attempt to undermine the conservative justices by first disparaging Alito.

The leftist media reports that gave cover to unsubstantiated allegations have been accepted by the Democrat-controlled Senate, which is now pressing for an investigation of Alito for ‘leaking’ in 2014 while conveniently ignoring the leak of 2022.

Alito’s 2022 draft of the overturning of Roe v. Wade was recently at the focus of a big scandal after Politico leaked the information to activists, who began protesting immediately in an attempt to influence the process politically.

Hence, this is the precise accusation that the left has made against the right since 2014.

Here is the current emphasis of the left:

Rob Schenck, a traitorous ‘pro-life’ activist, said recently, in an attempt to tarnish Alito’s character, that he recalled “that another highly controversial Alito opinion had leaked before—and that it came directly from the Justice himself. (Never mind how I know that—but I do know it firsthand)” adding, “So, it occurred to me a leak is not as rare as people think.”

In 2014, The New York Times picked up the dubious tale by Schenck and his organization Demand Justice, which accuses Alito and his wife of malfeasance and leaking Supreme Court decisions to activists. Community organizers are particularly intent on humiliating Alito in a case involving Hobby Lobby that was before the court at the time.

Schenck claims that he learned of the decision through the Wrights, who were visiting with the Alitos.

Schenck alleges that Gayle Wright, the wife of a wealthy real estate developer and creator of a successful furniture company, informed him of the outcome of the Hobby Lobby lawsuit.

Schenck asserts that the Wrights were members of the activist group ‘Higher Order,’ whose purpose was to petition and influence the SCOTUS.

The Wrights have also refuted Schenck’s accusations.

Politico still reported on the New York Times piece and highlighted Alito’s denial of Schenck’s accusations that the Wrights lobbied him at social events:

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“The allegation that the Wrights were told the outcome of the decision in the Hobby Lobby case, or the authorship of the opinion of the Court, by me or my wife is completely false,” Alito said. CONTINUE READING…

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