Secret Service Calls Out Biden After Massive Lie

Secret Service agents were furious that the Biden administration tried to downplay a major health concern and job danger in December.

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The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch released 400 new pages of documents Wednesday concerning incidents at both the White House and President Joe Biden’s Delaware home, the product of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

‘Yes I got bit by Major on [redacted] and NO I didn’t surprise the dog doing my job by being at [redacted] as the press secretary just said! Now I’m pissed. Thanks for checking in,’ one email read from a Secret Service official who was a member of the Presidential Protective Division.

The agent was talking about former first dog Major’s bites before he was placed with family friends.

On March 9, 2021, White House press secretary Jen Psaki reported that ‘the first family’s younger dog, Major, was surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury to the individual.’

Unidentified agents check up on one another in an email chain that day.

‘You ok? Someone told me you got bit,’ the first agent inquired. The second agent responded that they were ‘pissed’ at the press secretary’s spin. ‘SMH [shaking my head]… hope you didn’t get hurt [too] bad. Take care,’ the first agent responded.

In the documents, Major is described as having rendered several attacks, and he became the first rescue dog to live in the White House, but only for a short time.

During the day and night of February 28, 2021, Major was aggressive toward agents in Delaware twice – he nearly struck one agent in the morning and attacked another one shortly afterward.

In the incident report for that evening, the Secret Service reported that Major was left outside with them while the president entered his house with Champ, who died last June.

‘Almost immediately after the door had shut, SA [redacted] observed Major running at [redacted] full stride from the main driveway. SA [redacted] quickly made an effort to seek shelter inside [redacted],’ the report said. ‘Despite the attempt, Major intercepted SA [redacted] and bit down on [redacted] left forearm.’

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A follow-up report stated that Major bit the agent ‘a second time on the right buttock.’

Within 15 minutes of the attack, Biden let Major into the house.

The Secret Service agent took a moment to inspect the injured person’s injuries but continued to work even in their discomfort.

According to an incident report, Major entered the Diplomatic Room on March 6, 2021, and locked eyes with an agent who ‘knew from this moment of eye contact with Major that something serious was about to go down.’

Dogs quickly speeded up and began to bite into the overcoat of the agent.

In a portion of the report redacted, First Lady Jill Biden was alleged to have intervened.

An email was attached with photos of the damaged overcoat, estimated to be worth less than $500.

In response to that agent’s subsequent disclosure of more details about the attack, he was warned.

‘Unless you dispute anything in the verbiage that was presented to you, there shouldn’t be a need to embellish with additional details that aren’t required for approval,’ according to the documents.

Then, on March 8, Major assaulted an agent located on the second floor of the White House residence.

‘Having no time to seek cover from the attack, SA [redacted] turned away from the dog as he bit into [redacted] right leg,’ the report stated.

The agent was advised to seek medical attention from the White House doctor after the incident, but ‘managed to complete the remainder of [redacted] shift even with [redacted] on [redacted] right leg.’

Images of the injury have been redacted, but a footnote said: ‘SA [redacted] injury cannot be described in any other term than “severe”. [Redacted] is the only known PPD agent to have suffered two attacks from Major in less than 10 days.’

In a report from March 12, an agent described having been downstairs at the White House with Dr. Biden and an usher.

‘I was standing back against the wall as to leave space for the First Lady and Major who was on a leash,’ the agent reported. ‘Out of nowhere the dog jumps and bites the sleeve of my suit jacket missing my arm (front teeth just scratching the top of the skin).’

‘As I lift my arm up the dog was still attached to my suit jacket and the First Lady was attempting to pull the dog off of me via the leash,’ the agent added.

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The agent said Jill Biden ran into the Diplomatic Reception room with Major.

According to a memo dated May 14, 2021, about a meeting the day before, the agent attempted to receive a reimbursement for the damaged coat and describes the environment as a ‘dangerous atmosphere surrounding Major’ and volunteered to document further biting incidents.

According to an email sent on July 14, 2021, the agent believes the coat should be paid for by the Biden family, not American taxpayers.

‘After some deep thought and reflection, I don’t believe the USSS should be responsible for the damage to my coat as the cause was not under their control. To be compensated in this manner would essentially have the cost borne by the tax payer and this would be unjust,’ the agent wrote, noting that ‘the responsibility should lie with the party responsible for the wrong doing … and that of course would be the dog owner/s.’