Secret Service Caught In Major Coverup To Protect Biden Crime Family

Hunter Biden’s trips to Kazakhstan, Russia, and China have been the subject of questions from two Republican senators since the Secret Service has refused to provide details.

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The now 51-year-old Biden received Secret Service protection while his father served as vice president from 2009-17, but requested it be ended in July 2014.

Biden traveled the world as a businessman at that time, and Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley are investigating ‘his use of government-sponsored travel while he conducted private business.’

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So far, the Senators have received 259 pages relating to Biden’s travels from the Secret Service. They wrote to director James Murray saying they ‘have serious concerns about the production,’ though.

Their primary complaint is that many of the documents are heavily redacted, something that is unnecessary for members of Congress, and that several years are missing – 2010, 2011, and 2013.

The email also shows members of the Secret Service detail asking about Biden’s plans to travel to Kazakhstan from Paris in May-June 2014, and asking if they can accompany him.

It is not known whether Biden visited Kazakhstan. Senators say that the trip is not mentioned in the travel logs.

There was a report last year that Biden didn’t want his Secret Service bodyguards to accompany him on his trip to Kazakhstan to pursue a deal on behalf of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company on whose board he served and was paid $50,000 a month.

It has been reported that Biden would meet with Karim Massimov, the former Kazakh premier who was arrested on treason charges after he was ousted from his role as head of the country’s counterintelligence and antiterror agency.

Hunter and his father are pictured with Massimov and his son at Washington DC restaurant in an undated photo shared by the Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery in 2019.

During the ‘missing’ years, the senators note that Biden visited China, Russia, Mexico, Spain, and Italy.

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Photographs were taken of Biden taking a tour of Chinese factories and offices in 2013, one of the missing years, promoting business opportunities for his investment firm and interests.

In July 2014, after an article by Time magazine revealed Biden’s ties to Ukrainian natural gas giant Burisma Holding, Biden said he didn’t want Secret Service protection anymore.

In a report released by the Senate Homeland Security Committee in September 2020, it states that he took 411 flights between June 2009 and July 2014 that were accompanied by federal security.

According to US Secret Service flight logs, Hunter Biden visited at least 29 foreign countries, including Russia once and China five times respectively.

Hunter now resides in Los Angeles with Melissa, his wife of South African heritage, and their son.

It is the agency’s legal duty to provide round-the-clock security for the president’s immediate family unless told otherwise.

Generally speaking, few people decline Secret Service protection, although, for adults living on their own, it can be frustrating.

Although Donald Trump Jr., 42, briefly refused protection from the Secret Service, all of Donald Trump’s children have accepted it.

The president’s son, an avid camper and hunter, reportedly had said he no longer wanted their protection, saying he wanted more privacy than he could have with a contingent of agents accompanying him wherever he goes.

He took it again after less than a month for unspecified reasons, and the Secret Service refused to confirm any details.

Jenna and Barbara Bush were protected by the Secret Service during George W. Bush’s time in office but were in their mid-20s when he left in 2009.

The five adult children of George H.W. Bush didn’t receive protection when he was president.

Hunter Biden received protection while his father was vice president, including when he tested positive for cocaine while in the Navy.

According to The Wall Street Journal, which broke the story, Biden, then 43, tested positive for cocaine in a June 2013 drug test. “People familiar with the matter” were cited in the paper. The Navy refused to comment at the time invoking the Privacy Act.

It wasn’t until February that Hunter was discharged from the Navy. “Until an issue like that is adjudicated, the member continues to serve,” said Capt. Jack Hanzlik, the then-commander of the Navy Public Affairs Support Element based in Norfolk.

Agents are not supposed to prevent their charges from doing wrong, but buying drugs with agents nearby is always problematic.

When his father was in his second term, Ronald Reagan Jr. became the most prominent first son to refuse protection.

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It is the Secret Service’s responsibility to protect the president, vice president, president-elect, and vice president-elect, as well as their immediate families.

Secret Service protection is given to former presidents and their spouses, except if the spouse happens to remarry.

It was authorized by Congress in 1965 to protect former presidents and their spouses during their lifetime unless they declined protection.

A child of a former president is protected until he or she turns 16 years old.