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‘See You in Court’: Arizona GOP AG Candidate Officially Files First Lawsuit Challenging 2022 Election

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Katie Hobbs, the newly elected governor of Arizona, appears to be going to court.

Hobbs now serves as secretary of state for Arizona. Since she declined to recuse herself from her official duties, it was her job to monitor the controversial electoral processes on Election Day in the Grand Canyon State.

According to reports, as many as 48 percent of polling places in Maricopa County, Arizona, experienced printer or tabulator problems, resulting in extraordinarily lengthy lineups and multiple-hour waits for voters.

After Arizona’s final ballots were counted on Monday, Hamadeh was found to be trailing Kris Mayes, his Democratic opponent, by 510 votes.

Hamadeh announced his lawsuit on Tuesday.

“Arizonans demand answers and deserve transparency about the gross incompetence and mismanagement of the General Election by certain election officials,” Hamadeh tweeted, along with a screenshot of the lawsuit.

“I will not stop fighting until ALL voters receive justice. See you in court.”

The Republican National Committee joined Hamadeh in bringing the complaint.

Hamadeh insisted in an official press release provided to The Western Journal that Arizona voters deserved answers about “extreme ineptitude and mismanagement” on the part of the state’s election authorities.

In addition, he argued that many Arizona voters were disenfranchised due to the lengthy waits and other issues at polling places.

The declaration then enumerates four particular failures attributed to egregious misconduct.

These include improper and/or lack of training for poll workers, confusing messages to the public regarding election processes (the lawsuit alleges voters were told they could leave their polling locations after checking in, which may have resulted in their votes being discounted), ballot duplication errors, electronic duplication errors, and the erroneous and unlawful counting of early ballot’s lacking affidavit signatures.”

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