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Sen. Kennedy Dishes on Info They Got in Briefing on Those ‘Objects’

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Senators were briefed behind closed doors on Tuesday about the three “objects” fired down over the weekend over the United States and Canada.

While many senators were constrained in what they could say since the meeting was classified, senators from both parties agreed that the Biden team should make the material public. Both parties want greater transparency from Biden’s staff.

“There is a lot of information presented to us this morning that could be told to the American people without any harm to sources or methods or national security,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) stated that Joe Biden owes an explanation to the American people. Cotton stated that Justin Trudeau has talked to Canadians and that “surely” we are not in a scenario where Trudeau is a “more decisive and forceful leader” than Biden.

Regrettably, that is precisely where we are. While White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre boasts that Joe Biden is the White House’s “greatest communicator,” he is absent and cannot be found. What’s the reason? Because they’re probably concerned that if he’s asked about aliens, he’ll say something stupid or get them in trouble.

Sen. John F. Kennedy appeared to have the most knowledge regarding the briefing (R-LA). Kennedy stated that until a few weeks ago, he was under the notion that this was a new phenomenon. According to him, the briefing made it plain that this has been going on for “many years,” at least since 2017.

“Many people, intentionally or otherwise, have been given the impression that [until] a couple weeks ago, our skies were clear, and then all of a sudden we have spy balloons and other unidentified flying objects raining down on us like confetti,” Kennedy said. “That’s not accurate. These objects have been flying over us for years, many years.” He said, “They’ve known about them” meaning I guess whoever briefed them indicated they knew, but that except for the Chinese spy balloon, they didn’t know what they were. “What’s different about the last two weeks is that we started shooting them down,” he exclaimed.

Kennedy went on to say that the Biden team is unable to discover the remains of the three “objects” they purportedly shot down, just the Chinese surveillance balloon. “They’re lost. They can’t find them. The remnants are in very difficult terrain,” he stated.

Kennedy declared it was clear it was “not a recent phenomenon.” He said the administration did not explain why they were shooting them down now. A reporter asked if it was a “wagging of the dog” situation (to make Biden look better). That’s very likely what it is, that shooting down whatever they are, in the backlash of Biden’s bad handling of the Chinese spy balloon, would make him look tougher. Kennedy wasn’t quite going there but he said, “We need more transparency…now that this cow is out of the barn.”

Kennedy stated that Joe Biden and the Director of National Intelligence must explain to the American people what these items were — if they knew — who placed them there, and if the objects constitute a threat, “and if the answer is no, how do they know that?” And if they know they aren’t a threat, what are they, and why are missiles being fired at them now?

“The only thing I feel confident saying right now is that if you are confused, you understand the situation perfectly,” Kennedy explained.

That final point is crucial, as the Biden camp appears to be feeding us inconsistent information. The allegation that they’ve known about this for years appears to contradict what they previously stated about only learning about intrusions based on new intelligence, unless it’s solely about spy balloons. At this point, I’m not sure we can believe anything they say. So what Kennedy stated about the misunderstanding here is correct – they need to supply us with solutions quickly. However, Joe Biden is still hiding and avoiding the topic.

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