Sen. Rand Paul Renews Calls For Lawmakers To Read Bills Before Voting On Them

On March 9th at 2:30AM, Nancy Pelosi dropped a massive $1.5 trillion, 2741 page spending bill, which was scheduled to be voted on at 10AM, less than 8 hours later.

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That is completely ridiculous and unrealistic. Our representatives couldn’t possibly know exactly what it is on which they were voting. This is such a blatant example of politicians gaming the system to sneak pet projects and partisan priorities into massive bills without their colleagues knowing or being able to stop them. But what’s new, I guess. Politicians are always gaming the system. Career politicians, especially. Their entire careers are about rigging and gaming the system to stay in power.

In response to this blatant system-gaming being done in the middle of the night behind the backs of American citizens, Senator Rand Paul publicly renewed his call for the Senate to pass his “Read the Bills” resolution, which would require lawmakers have sufficient time to actually read the bills they’re supposed to vote on.

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Imagine that. Allowing lawmakers enough time to actually read the bills on which they’re supposed to vote? What a novel concept!

Honestly, the fact that this is even issue is a huge issue.