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Senator Tom Cotton Demands Secret Service Release ALL Info Related to Cocaine Found in White House

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The ridicule of the Biden Crime family would be mildly amusing if it weren’t so nauseating to realize that the first Family occupying the nation’s seat of power is placing all of us and our families in grave peril.

Biden’s group’s presence in the White House has signaled to the world and our adversaries that neither national security nor law and order are taken seriously. As amusing as it may be to laugh at the story of the United States’ demise as it transpires blow by blow, our nation is in grave danger with the unserious Bidens in command of everything.

This week is yet another example of the clown show put on by the First Family actors at our cherished White House in our once-respected nation’s capital, which would be hilarious if it weren’t so nauseating.

Biden appears like a sideshow:

In the midst of tales of foreign bribery with our most vicious enemy, the Chinese Communist Party, as well as tales of impending economic collapse and proof of a massive invasion of military-aged men at our southern border, Americans are confronted with irrefutable evidence that the Bidens in our White House have disregarded all of our national security concerns.

In a completely humiliating, reckless, curious, and high-profile act of defiance, someone has placed illicit narcotics on display in Washington, D.C., almost as if to boast about passing through the White House’s security.

A package of illegal narcotics was discovered lying around the White House.

Then, footage of Hunter Biden behaving very suspiciously at the White House went viral, mirroring the global spread of news about the discovery of the cocaine container in the White House.

Hunter appears to be inhaling while his family condones his odd behavior:

Moreover, according to media reports, one US Senator is not amused.

US Senator Tom Cotton (R-Alaska) writes the Secret Service a letter requesting all information regarding the recently discovered cocaine in the White House.

โ€œThe story about where the drugs were found keeps changing, and Tom Cotton rightly calls this a national security issue. If someone can sneak illegal drugs into the White House, what is to stop someone from sneaking a much more dangerous substance into the building?

The media is preparing to drop the story and move on because they want to protect Biden. Cotton is not letting it go away,โ€ Mike LaChance reported.

The Daily Mail provided additional information regarding the situation:

After the Secret Service discovered cocaine in the White House over the weekend, Senator Tom Cotton is demanding that the American people and Congress receive the answers they deserve.

Cotton, the ranking Republican on the Criminal Justice and Counterterrorism Subcommittee, sent a letter with six queries to U.S. Secret Service (USSS) Director Kimberly Cheatle on Wednesday.

More on this stor via The Republic Brief:

He demanded that Cheatle schedule a briefing with his staff. CONTINUE READING…

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