‘Shame On Fox!’ — Mike Lindell Sounds Off On Network’s Shameful Move

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is sounding off on Fox News over their coverage of certain topics rather than others.

“Fox is the worst problem we have with media in this country. We know where the other media comes from. Fox refuses to report anything on the flagrant theft of the 2020 election — all the crimes — they don’t report anything related to medications that treat for the China virus,” Lindell argued. “They won’t talk about vaccines or rigged voting machines. They are not on our side. They are controlled opposition,” Lindell said.

“Fox is 100 percent controlled opposition,” he insisted. “They are not our friends anymore.”

“When they don’t talk, people think everything is okay with the 2020 election. When they cover the 2020 election, they are doing what I call ‘election deflection.’ They decided to start covering the criminality of Hunter Biden’s laptop back in November — when it was too late,” he said.

“They needed to talk about the election crimes — with the machines, with the hacks, with the audits that were conducted in all 50 states — they still to this day won’t talk about it!” he added.

“The attorney generals are doing a Supreme Court complaint. You can read the complaint at FrankSpeech.com. They have not signed it or filed it yet, but we have a copy of it –Fox isn’t going to report any of this. That’s the problem we have with Fox News,” Lindell explained.

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