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‘Shame on You!’ – Protesters Surround Nancy Pelosi, Scream at Her While She Tries to Escape

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Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi encountered vocal protests from members of the far-left organization CodePink on Tuesday, en route to a House vote on additional funding for Israel.

Medea Benjamin, a co-founder of CodePink, a feminist grassroots organization advocating against U.S. warfare and imperialism, confronted the California Democrat along with other group members. They expressed their disapproval of Pelosi’s support for Israel, capturing the interaction on video.

In the posted video, CodePink referred to Pelosi as an “Israel apologist” who avoided addressing her support for Israel when questioned before the House vote on allocating $17.6 billion for the nation.

The footage begins with Pelosi dismissing Benjamin while stating that CodePink is an American organization, not affiliated with China or Russia, hinting at previous claims made by Pelosi. Benjamin, wearing a pink shirt with the message “No $$$ for Israel,” questioned Pelosi on her stance regarding funding for Israel and whether she would vote against it.

As Pelosi attempted to navigate through the hallway, additional protesters joined in, accusing her of profiting from the conflict. One protester referenced Pelosi’s stock trading activities, alleging that she made millions through strategic investments in NVIDIA stock. The protesters argued that federal funds should be prioritized for domestic needs, particularly in Pelosi’s home base of San Francisco, rather than being sent to Israel.

Despite the intense exchange, Pelosi remained silent, reaching a security checkpoint where she briefly halted to dismiss the protesters with a wave of her hand. As she left the camera’s view, the protesters continued to voice their concerns about Pelosi’s financial activities, accusing her of benefiting from the stock market while conflicts persisted in Gaza. The references to stock trading were linked to Pelosi’s reported purchase of 50 call options on NVIDIA stock in November, a move revealed by congresstrading.com at the time.

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