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SHAMEFUL: Jesus Christ Superstar is resurrected with a non-binary actor taking lead role of Jesus and Judas being played by a woman

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The left is anxious to demolish Christianity and people’s trust in God, and here is another example of how they have weaponized the notion of gender and common culture and utilized public entertainment and the media to ridicule and spit on the faithful people of the globe.

Jesus Christ Superstar, the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice rock opera from 1971, has been adapted for transgender audiences. The major part of Jesus is performed by a ‘non-binary’ actor, while Judas is represented by a woman, for a touch of Feminism gone mad.

Transgenderism, or the idea that it is unfair tyranny and outrage that biological females should be called women and biological males should be called men, is a recent tool used against people to destroy their peaceful communities and fill their minds with nonsense so that they cannot excel at their work.

According to the definition of the strong political movement provided by the left, “We deserve gender liberation, where ALL people understand themselves free of pressures to conform or limit who they can be based on their assigned sex. Individuals, groups, and systems work to either uplift liberation or instill fear and conformity.”

Therefore, they aim to eliminate cultural norms.

What follows is an example of how the battle for “Gender Liberation” has come to irritate the hell out of people due to its evident desire for dominance, and has hopefully oversaturated our institutions – and “jumped the shark.”

According to British media, there is now a transgender version of Jesus, and critics are not pleased with this performance.

“Tom Conti, the Oscar-nominated actor, has lambasted a gender-neutral reinvention of Jesus Christ Superstar, insisting that “men are men and women are women.”

In a new version, Conti, 81, attacked the fact that a non-binary actor is portraying Jesus while Judas Iscariot is represented as a woman.

The Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group has been granted permission by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s licensing business to present the first non-male-fronted production of the rock opera, which has caused controversy and admiration for more than 50 years.

Roza Stevenson, who uses the pronouns they/them, portrayed Jesus in the adaption, which had its debut performance yesterday night. The Times UK stated that female and non-binary actors portrayed the 12 apostles.

This is another example of how the anarchists, power-seekers, and atheists of the world prioritize degrading the pride that individuals may feel in themselves and their work, as well as their nation and religion.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The desperately nutty show is being produced by the Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group in Scotland, which appears to have gone off the rails to pander to people who suffer from unhappiness over the gender they were born with. CONTINUE READING…

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