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SHOCK: Accuser Puts Former President on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’

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A new BBC actual crime show is shocking and has revealed more sorted details about the life and times of the people around Jeffrey Epstein, including new claims by a known victim, who was 20 at the time she met with a group of well-connected men. Her new shocking details include a one-time leader of the free world- former President Bill Clinton.

The House of Maxwell, “explores the tangled web of the paranoid Robert Maxwell, his daughter Ghislaine, and later the horrors of Jeffrey Epstein,” according to The Independent.

Ghislaine is the famous partner of Epstein, who helped him secure young girls for sex and had interaction with young Juliette Bryant, although Bryant claims to have been lured by another woman.

The Daily Beast, recently interviewed Juliette Bryant, who said that she was lured into Epstein’s web by a woman who claimed the financier could jump-start her modeling career. The woman invited Bryant to join Epstein, former President Bill Clinton and actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker for dinner at a Cape Town restaurant.

“That’s what gave Epstein credibility,” Bryant added. “The fact that he was with Clinton.”

Clinton gave Epstein credibility to build a relationship with Bryan which she described as a nightmare.

According to media reports, Bryant said that Epstein treated his private island like a sex-abuse “factory” — turned on by the “terror” of his dozens of victims, according to an accuser who said she was raped there at least three times a day.

“Things happened there that scared me so deeply, I can’t even talk about them,” former model Juliette Bryant told an upcoming BBC documentary series, according to excerpts shared by the Sun.

“He fed off the terror … there was something about the energy of a girl being scared that he liked,” the South African said in her first interview about the alleged ordeal.

“I was being ordered to his bedroom at least three times a day,” she said of Epstein’s “pitch-dark and ice-cold” room on his so-called “Pedophile Island” in the Caribbean.

“I just checked out of my body and just let him do what he wanted because I didn’t know what else to do,” she said.

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RawStory reported on the encounter with Clinton:

According to Bryant, when she arrived at the restaurant, Clinton stood up to shake her hand and didn’t let go, even when he began speaking to someone else. “He just kept holding onto my hand,” Bryant told us. “It was like a dream. It was so bizarre.”

She would also see the famous Democrat again the next day, after Hill invited her to join their entourage and show Epstein her modeling portfolio.

“I was a silly young 20-year-old and thought it sounded like such an amazing opportunity considering the people he was here with,” Bryant told The Daily Beast, in her first in-depth media interview about surviving Epstein’s sex ring. She also spoke to BBC Two for its new series about Epstein’s former girlfriend and now-convicted accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. The show, House of Maxwell, premiered on Monday.

Bryant first came forward in a 2019 Manhattan federal lawsuit, saying she was a 20-year-old model when she met Epstein in 2002.

Epstein reportedly pestered her for nude photos a mere month before his arrest on sex-trafficking charges, according to a new lawsuit filed against his estate.

The New York Post reported on the suit at that time, including Epstein’s harassment had been ongoing up to that point:

“She claims he would go on to forcibly rape her across the globe — and continued to contact her right up until his arrest in July 2019.”

“Epstein attempted to keep in contact with Juliette through email over the years,” the suit reads. “In June 2019, only two months before his death, Epstein sent Juliette an email asking her to send him nude photographs.”

Bryant, now 37, claims in court papers she was introduced to Epstein in 2002 by American model-turned-broadcast journalist Naja Hill.

“Hill asked Juliette if she would like to meet Epstein, who she called the ‘King of America,’” the court papers read. “Hill described Epstein as a well-connected billionaire who could help her with her modeling career and explained that he was visiting Africa with a former high U.S. Government official, a famous actor, and a well-known comedian.”

Bryant says she went to a restaurant with Epstein, the official and the unnamed celebrities — and then attended a speech given by the official the next day in Cape Town.

Epstein allegedly asked her to bring a modeling portfolio to him for casting and mentioned he was “good friends” with Victoria’s Secret owner Les Wexner, papers say.

Today Bryant is a business owner and mother in South Africa. In September 2002, when she was a 20-year-old aspiring model she crossed paths with Jeffrey Epstein and her life changed forever.

The fact that Bill Clinton’s name continues to come up in these stories is being completely ignored by the lapdog media.

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