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Shocking Discovery Found on Voting Rolls in Fourth Most-Populous County in the Nation

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Since 2015, at least 222 noncitizens have registered to vote in Maricopa County, Arizona, according to a new report.

According to the Public Interest Legal Foundation, the federal motor voter law, which permits individuals to register to vote at municipal motor vehicle offices, is partially responsible for the issue.

“Motor Voter leads to problems for immigrants across America. Signing the wrong form at the DMV can haunt you years later when your naturalization process switches to deportation. For 30 years, foreign nationals have been getting registered to vote. Congress must modernize Motor Voter to reflect the technologies and demographics of today,” said J. Christian Adams, the president of the foundation.

According to Adams, 222 noncitizens disclosed to local officials that they were on the voter records. At least nine of them participated in federal elections.

Adams stated that it is impossible to know how many other noncitizens are on the registers in Maricopa County, the fourth most populous county in the United States, according to a report in The Washington Times.

“This is just more evidence that there is a problem that is not being adequately addressed,” Adams said.

Adams stated that in implementing the law, certain states allow all citizens to vote. The Times reports that Pennsylvania’s voter records contained over 11,000 noncitizens in 2019.

The Times reports that in North Carolina, “citizen” was pre-checked on voter registration forms, resulting in non-citizens casting ballots.

Adams stated that the issue is not how many noncitizens vote, but rather that the motor voter law does not contain sufficient protections to prohibit noncitizens from registering to vote.

“When you have a failure in the system, whether or not it’s rampant doesn’t matter when it involves foreigners voting in American elections,” he said.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“If this problem had been detected 10 years ago, or maybe 15 years ago, I think there would have been a quick bipartisan fix in Congress,” he said. “But the Democrats have become so radicalized now about every voting issue in Congress.”

Ohio has taken action to address the concern, according to WTOL-TV. CONTINUE READING…

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