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Shoppers Horrified By What Target Stores Put Out For Sale For Christmas

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Presently, Target is confronted with the task of regaining ground on a substantial decrease in sales precipitated by a boycott that erupted this summer. Unfortunately, Wednesday’s unveiling of a new collection of unconventional and socially conscious Christmas decorations damaged the retail giant’s reputation on social media.

The widely followed EndWokeness X page featured images of Target’s most recent Christmas decorations, which included nutcrackers adorned with LGBT Pride symbols and figurines of Santa Claus with disabilities.

The recent collection of decorations has faced severe ridicule on many social media platforms, as exemplified by a comment from an individual identified as X, who expressed “I hope Black Paraplegic Santa brings me a new Metal Detector this year.”

Another individual expressed their astonishment, questioning “How on earth is he supposed to go down the chimney??”

Additionally, X leftists commented on the black, disabled Santa. Certain leaders of LGBT organizations that are anti-Christian and anti-white propagate their antipathy toward God and the United States.

Ryan Shead, who appears to be only famous in his own mind, posted on X:

My wife and I were walking through target last week and she commented on how nice it was to see a Black Santa for sale in a major store. It made her feel seen and included. That’s why I get so upset by these clowns. They hurt people they don’t even know over their own bulls*t. Nothing wrong with being inclusive for Christmas.

Surprisingly, one of Shead’s most recent show-format recordings on YouTube has garnered a mere 62 views.

A leader of an LGBT group posted her hatred of whites:

“The people upset that Target is selling a Santa that is Black are the same people who think Jesus was white.”

Her X bio reads, “Exec Director @NYHCampaign, LGBTQ nonprofit co-founder, former congressional candidate in #NY03”

A conservative X user posted an interesting and different take, stating:

“WOKE TARGET STRIKES AGAIN How the fuck does Santa enter homes in a wheelchair? Its a ploy to smash the dreams of kids. The parents will be forced to either explain nonsense the kids will see through, or they’ll tell the truth about Santa, and/or they’ll turn around and leave.”

One X user attempted to bring a little humor to the conversation, posting:

“With all this talk about the woke Santa Claus at Target I found to some people the most offensive of all of Santas… introducing the Jewish Santa 😅😂😅”

A substantial boycott was directed towards Target during the summer as a result of the retailer’s launch of a line of “gender inclusive” apparel designed specifically for “trans kids.” The demonstration resulted in an approximate $15 billion decline in the market value of the corporation.

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