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Sketch Artist Responds After Critics Claim He Made Trump ‘Too Young,’ ‘Good Looking’ in Court

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William Hennessy is compensated for designing courtrooms. He is now drawing fire.

Tuesday’s arraignment of former President Donald Trump in federal court in Miami was the subject of the veteran sketch artist’s most recent piece.

And social media reactions are sufficient evidence for a rational person to conclude that Trump’s detractors are insane.

Here is an example from an illustration depicting Trump in court:

It is difficult to fathom how pitiful a person’s life must be for them to spend so much time on something as inconsequential as a courtroom sketch created by an artist with a minute-long deadline whose work must be ready for immediate publication.

“It’s rare I get any kind of feedback,” Hennessy told The Boston Globe in an interview last week.

He’s receiving it now, especially from Trump detractors, who are numerous.

Hennessy, for instance, omitted the two pointed antlers a genuine liberal envisions when imagining the former president. He omitted the serpentine, writhing tail with the barbed tip, the undulating lines representing the sulfurous odor that must surround Trump like the physical presence of evil.

For the more atheistically inclined, Trump could have worn a toothbrush mustache with his normally unruly hair parted to the left and slicked down into a straight part.

Perhaps extending his right arm stiffly upward at an angle of approximately 33 degrees to salute the judge?

The absurdity of the situation is compounded by the fact that the same mindset that causes liberals to be enraged by the minute details of a hastily drawn courtroom sketch renders the same individual oblivious to the massive establishment media propaganda of the past eight years that has portrayed Trump in a darker light.

This is the mentality that disregards a documented disinformation campaign by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, funded by American taxpayers of all political stripes, aimed at defaming then-candidate Donald Trump and later President Donald Trump.

It is a mentality that has already forgotten the estimated $32 million in taxpayer funding that was frittered away on the “Russia collusion” investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, with the conclusion that not only was Trump innocent, but Mueller’s mental faculties had deteriorated to the point where Joe Biden would look sharp.

This is the mentality that disregards the mounting evidence that President Biden is immersed in his family’s decades-long influence-peddling enterprise, which appears to be the primary source of income for Bidens who are not federal employees.

However, a few lines scribbled rapidly during a brief arraignment have liberals shrieking on social media about conspiracies and payoffs.

“Some said he looked too thin, too young, and some said he looked too good,” Hennessy told the Globe, noting that the criticism seemed to come from those who “didn’t care much for Trump.”

That’s being generous.

And if they didn’t like his resemblance to the 45th president, they’re apt to like something else, Hennessy, 65, said with much less conviction.

“I don’t editorialize,” he told the Globe, reflecting on a career that has spanned more than 40 years, according to the newspaper. “I just draw what I see.”

Liberals do not want this from their news reports. They desire words that paint a picture of the world in which they feel at ease. They desire images that align with their worldview.

They want everything to revolve around their hatred of Donald Trump.

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