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Snowden Says UFO Hysteria is “Engineered” Distraction From Nord Stream Pipeline Bombshell

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Is the military’s handling of a Chinese balloon identified as a surveillance device, as well as other unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) in recent days, being hyped by lapdog media to divert attention away from the news that the Democrat administration of POTUS Joe Biden may have blown up the Nord Stream pipeline?

This is a question on the minds of many Americans and people all around the world. Answers are difficult to come by, as Democrats hold lengthy and meandering news briefings in an attempt to explain why such significant military action has been done and what the current relationship with the Chinese Communist Party is.

Many people are speculating on social media about the specifics of NORAD and the military shooting down balloons for the first time in US history.

According to media sources, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden believes the panic over UFOs being shot down over America and Canada is a distraction from Seymour Hersh’s revelation about the US being involved for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines.

“Over the past week, there have been at least four instances of U.S. fighter jets destroying unidentified flying objects, in one case over Alaska, an object that had no means of propulsion but was spotted flying at 40,000 feet and pilots said interfered with the sensors of their aircraft,” Paul Joesph Watson reported for Summit News, adding:

“Yesterday, the White House denied that the objects were extraterrestrial in nature, although the glib dismissal if anything only continued to feed into speculation online that ET had paid a flying visit. In reality, as most people have pointed out, the shootdowns are likely a show of force to save the Biden administration’s blushes from questions as to why the Chinese spy balloon was allowed to monitor America in the first place.”

The site went on to provide further information regarding the unfolding events:

According to Edward Snowden, the UFO controversy is also a ruse to keep the considerably more embarrassing Seymour Hersh report out of the news.

Snowden stated that the outpouring of fear was a “engineered” ruse to keep the media from covering the pipeline explosion news.

“it’s not aliens

i wish it were aliens

but it’s not aliens

it’s just the ol’ engineered panic, an attractive nuisance ensuring natsec reporters get assigned to investigate balloon bullshit rather than budgets or bombings (à la nordstream)

until next time,” Edward Snowden (@Snowden) posted on Twitter on February 13, 2023.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Watson reminded readers about an article that also exposed the theory that there is something to be covered about the actions of the Biden administration: CONTINUE READING…

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