Soros is Predicting Next Pandemic!

As the Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp shutdown demonstrates, the COVID-19 pandemic may just roll into a cyber pandemic.

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The below is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Issue #1088: “Beware of the cyber pandemic”

Are you tired and/or beaten down enough by the COVID lockdowns and the vitriol and confusion that has accompanied them? Ready to get back to some semblance of normal? Well, you may not have that luxury as it seems that we may be rolling into another pandemic. A cyber pandemic that has been choreographed by the World Economic Forum and its lackeys.

As most of you are probably aware Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experienced global disruptions today that made the services completely inaccessible. So inaccessible that Facebook employees couldn’t even get into the company headquarters as their access badgers weren’t working.

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These disruptions can be added to a list of disruptions that started with the oft-reported ransomeware attacks targeting critical infrastructure earlier this year. Who knows what the post-mortem on today’s events will surface, but your crazy Uncle Marty’e antennae are perked high in the air as it seems that the cyber pandemic conveniently predicted and war gamed by the parasites at the World Economic Forum earlier this Summer seems to be coming to fruition.