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Speaker Johnson Destroys Biden’s Month With Major Announcement

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There is a logical justification, according to House Speaker Mike Johnson, for tying assistance to Ukraine with funding for the U.S.-Mexico border.

During a televised interview on Fox News, the recently appointed speaker articulated, “we have to take care of our own border first.”

“What this is about is advancing the agenda and first priorities of the American people. I don’t know which Democrat gave you that absurd quote, but they clearly are not listening to their constituents,” Johnson told Shannon Bream, a host at Fox News. “If you go out into the country people will say, ‘Look we understand our role as a leader in the free world, and we understand that we’re the great superpower that needs to assist and ensure that freedom survives, but we have to take care of our own house first.’”

“And securing our border is an essential priority for the American people. So they’re not listening to their constituents. I think that’s a tone-deaf response,” he continued. “Again, we can do all these things together, but when you couple Ukraine and the border, that makes sense to people because they say If we’re going to protect Ukraine’s border, and we have to do what is necessary there, we don’t want Vladimir Putin to prevail; we can’t afford that; the free world can’t afford that; but we have to take care of our own border first,” Johnson added.

Johnson discussed a “growing consensus in Congress, certainly among Republicans, but even some across the aisle who recognize you have to change what is happening.” The speaker made reference to a figure of almost 6.3 million unauthorized border crossings that had occurred during President Biden’s tenure, emphasizing “that’s more than the population of my state.”

“We cannot continue this; everyone knows it,” Johnson proclaimed. “And the fentanyl that’s coming over the border, human trafficking, the cartels making billions of dollars off of our backs—we are going to stop that. And the House Republicans are committed to it. I think the people are with us.”

Johnson acknowledged that the completion of all appropriations legislation by the designated deadline of November 17 was not assured. Additionally, he disclosed that he devoted the entirety of the weekend to formulating a provisional resolution to this possible dilemma.

The person expressed a firm determination to proceed with integrity, emphasizing that the ongoing resolution for the present year deviates from its prior iterations by permitting the ongoing “appropriations process.”

“We’re committed to bringing 12 bills to the floor as the statutory law requires Congress to do that hasn’t been done in many years, but again, we’re changing the way Washington works because we believe it needs to be more accountable and more transparent for the people.”

Johnson conveyed his inclination toward placing greater emphasis on safeguarding Israel rather than increasing the number of IRS agents. Additionally, he proposed reallocating the more than $67 billion that had been designated for the expansion of the Internal Revenue Service.

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Furthermore, Johnson disregarded an estimate from the Congressional Budget Office that his offset method would generate a $26.8 billion decline in revenues over a decade-long period, consequently resulting in an increase of $12.5 billion in the federal deficit during that particular time period.

The speaker, in a conversation with host Shannon Bream, highlights the unique nature of Washington, where “only in Washington can you cut funding, add a pay-for to a new spending measure, and they say it’s terrible for the deficit.”

“Listen, we’re taking care of our priorities, and we will. We know that these other important measures that right there on the table, and we’re working through it hour by hour, day by day and we’re going to meet those obligations. But we have to do things in the proper order, and we are committed to changing how Washington works,” he further stated.

“I think you see a united and energized House conference. All of our members are working together in good faith trying to solve these great challenges that we face, and I’m very optimistic that we’re going to do that. But we are going to also change the trajectory we’re on,” Johnson concluded.

Johnson, a newly elected Republican from Louisiana, addressed criticisms from the media and radicals regarding his Christian beliefs late last month.

Since accepting the role of speaker, the self-proclaimed Evangelical Christian has openly acknowledged the Bible as his guiding worldview and declared his faith to be in God. In response to criticisms leveled against his faith by MSNBC presenter Jen Psaki, HBO host Bill Maher, and other individuals, he addressed these concerns. Johnson replied that he continues to be unaffected by the aforementioned assaults.

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