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State Department helped fund ‘disinformation’ research group that reportedly blacklists conservative news sites

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Enemies of American liberty have established a shadow government that uses NGOs and non-governmental groups to carry out political agendas against the American people that violate their civil freedoms.

Freedom of expression is the most frequently assailed principle when using these types of control measures. Leftist charity organizations operate with no government scrutiny over their money, actions, or relationships, leaving the American people unable to prevent power grabs against their freedom.

Security cameras, bank transaction surveillance, radio frequency spy chips disguised in consumer items, tracking of your internet searches, and eavesdropping on your e-mail and phone calls are all possibilities. According to Grant Jeffrey, author of Shadow Government: How the Secret Global Elite Is Using Surveillance Against You, every part of your life is viewed and recorded without your knowledge or agreement.

However, following everyone all the time for everything generates a vast quantity of data; how does the government decide who to track and who to punish? How do they decide who to exclude?

They have human sources to track out those individuals.

There is little question that many of these NGOs and organizations are concerned with social justice issues and are affected by foreign money, resulting in clandestine lobbying activities for many of America’s competitors and adversaries.

Evidence is accumulating that the Federal government, of all organizations, has armed many of these well-funded usurpers to work against the American Republic and its prized institutions.

Even the United States State Department, a taxpayer-funded agency in the executive branch of the United States federal government in charge of the country’s foreign policy and relations, has been exposed as cooperating with foreign influences and promoting a nonprofit group aimed at censoring Americans.

So we can see that the entire system of the government, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit charities has been directed – like guns – directly at the American people in plain daylight and in public for all to see.

Leftist social justice charity organisations have been looking for Americans and media outlets to ruin, and they have been paid much to do it.

BizPacReview reported on specifics of a key find made by one such outfit, which is collaborating with the US State Department, citing a Daily Caller piece that included considerable research:

According to its website, the US State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC) assisted in facilitating money for a company that apparently tries to demonetize sites it alleges are promoting “disinformation,” including conservative news outlets.

The Global Misinformation Index (GDI), a charity located in the United Kingdom that bills itself as a “non-political” watchdog trying to “disrupt the commercial model of disinformation,” names the Disinfo Cloud, a now-defunct GEC initiative, as a funder. According to the Washington Examiner, GDI has sought to demonetize conservative news sites by partnering with ad exchanges to designate accused misinformation distributors.

According to its website, GDI keeps a “dynamic exclusion list” of the worst misinformation offenders online. This list is then provided to ad tech firms, who can subsequently “defund and downrank these worst offenders,” so defunding sites supposedly pushing misinformation.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

While the exclusion list isn’t publicly available, popular conservative news site Breitbart is on the list, according to the Examiner, and it is “plausible” that any of the “riskiest” outlets would also be on the exclusion list, according to a member of the GDI advisory panel who spoke to the Examiner. CONTINUE READING…

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