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Steve Bannon and Jack Posobiec discuss how TikTok is “an attack vector from the Chinese Communist Party on the family.”

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During a recent conversation, War Room host Steve Bannon and Human Events writer Jack Posobiec criticized the usage of the social media app TikTok for flooding Western Children, particularly American children, with vast degrading propaganda.

Bannon discussed how Americans were warned about the app, not only for the ways in which the Chinese are gathering data on American children, but also for the app’s ability to submerge American children into a dangerous and harmful foreign culture by bombarding them with content that promotes a desire for abortion and other dehumanizing sexual fetishes, as well as other negative messaging about themselves and the United States.

Bannon reminded listeners that US Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) had been on a part of the War Room with Bannon to discuss the implications of Tik Tok on elections, which Republican politicians have long criticized as something far more dangerous than an espionage weapon used against American families.

In the brief video clip, the two discussed the ways in which America’s enemies are destroying Western culture in significant ways by degenerating our educational system into humiliating degeneracy and bizarre messages, while simultaneously emulating the very characteristics that made our educational system effective in the first place – for their own children.

Posobiec discussed how Chinese children would be exposed to classical music, fine arts, and classical literature from the world’s greatest thinkers through an app designed just for them by the same company that created Tik Tok for American children.

Bannon and Posobiec discussed the perilous effects of a corrupted culture on our recent political elections, including the influence of Tik Tok, a platform for weaponized Maoist propaganda, on public opinion.

Posobiec, who has extensively studied Chinese culture and the strategies of the Chinese Community Party (CCP), made a significant point by stating that Chinese children are not on Tik Tok; they are on an app with vastly different content, where the music and imagery are for building self-esteem and higher thinking skills with content that resembles what the Chinese replaced in the United States – a Westernized classical education.


According to media reports, Wear TV.com reported on Gaetz’s remarks on TIK TOK in early December.

More lawmakers are looking to ban the social media app “TikTok” in the U.S., including Northwest Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz.

According to the FBI, it presents a grave threat to U.S. national security.

Director of the FBI Christopher Wray claims that the app collects data from American users for espionage reasons.

State governments like as Maryland and South Dakota have already prohibited its use on government-owned devices.

ByteDance is the Chinese firm that owns the app.

“I think we should ban TikTok in this country. TikTok is a security threat,” Gaetz said. “It is an intelligence tool for the Chinese communist party, and no spunky dance is worth having the Chinese communist party being able to exploit information from almost every American family. We need to see this for the threat that China sees it as. Remember, they only allow their version of TikTok to be used 40 minutes a day in their country. Yet in our country, it seems to be addicting a generation to its vices and I think it’s a real challenge.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

In November, the FCC commissioner called for a nationwide TikTok ban and urged Apple and Google to remove it from their app stores.

Axios reported that leftist opinion was shifting toward negative on the matter: CONTINUE READING…

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