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Steve Bannon Declares a HOLY WAR Against the Deep State

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Steve Bannon, the iconic presenter of the War Room program and a former top advisor to President Donald J. Trump, delivered a scathing speech against Republicans at the Turning Point USA political conference in West Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday.

Bannon, a Republican, has been the most prominent supporter of the MAGA movement to date, and he has used his expertise in politics, media, and activism to shape an action-oriented political movement aimed at advancing populist policies both within the party and among Congress and voters.

Bannon highlighted the same style of successful policies that he used to assist President Trump in 2016, all of which have resulted in the American people once again receiving benefits from their public servants.

Numerous individuals commented online that Bannon’s speech was a perfect illustration of why he is known as the “Honey Badger.”

And Bannon added so much more to his speech that should encourage people to vote and possibly become politically active to ensure that this wish list of actions actually occurs.

In a populist manner, Bannon informed the Republicans that they are missing the sweet spot of the political movement for Trump’s supporters, who demand improved policies and greater government transparency.

And Bannon advised them to get their act together if they desired to capture the White House in 2024.

According to media reports, as soon as Bannon took the stage, he emphasized how imperative it is for Republicans to get their act together.

“We don’t have time for a diversion. We need to be focused right now on the election apparatuses in Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona, get behind Donald Trump, and get serious about taking this country back.”

Bannon then turned it up a notch and boldly declared: “This is a crusade. This is a holy war against the Deep State. Donald Trump is our instrument for retribution!”

He continued, “I don’t want to hear Glenn Youngkin in a vest, I don’t want to hear Kemp’s with his Georgia accent,” mocking the typical tactics of the Political Washington DC consultant class, who lazily believe the same losing tactics will get people motivated to go out and vote for Republicans.

In addition to proclaiming a sacred war against the deep state, Bannon made some very intriguing remarks about the documents Trump plans to declassify in 2025, which should provide Americans with additional motivation to exercise their right to vote in November 2024.


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