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Steve Bannon Declares War Over James O’Keefe Being ‘Terminated’

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James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, left the organization he founded under hostile conditions on Monday, as betrayal ran rampant throughout the organization despite months of hard-hitting journalism that exposed massive government fraud and corruption that had upended the lives of the American people.

The majority of individuals would describe the group’s mission accomplishment as extremely successful. Yet, this was not sufficient to sustain the group’s momentum.

Since the beginning of the month, rumors circulated that the government watchdog organization was engaged in an internal conflict, with other members claiming that O’Keefe was’mean’ and that there were major concerns over his interest in dancing and theater, and that they became intent on removing O’Keefe after the organization’s reporting on Pfizer went viral.

Others thought that Pfizer’s pressure on the other group members was feeding the infighting, as it made little sense to drag out these minor problems in public and ruin the group at the height of its popularity.

On Monday, O’Keefe revealed his reasons for quitting the group for the first time since the accusations began to circulate. A video of O’Keefe making remarks went viral immediately. The video’s original source is The GWP, which covered the tearful farewell:

“This video was anonymously sent to The GWP.

James O’Keefe delivered remarks this morning at Project Veritas.

This was sent to The GWP from a former donor who said he will not donate to Project Veritas again unless they bring back James O’Keefe. The video is working now. It was loading before.”

Steve Bannon, host of the War Room, played O’Keefe’s goodbye and then proclaimed “War” on the individuals responsible for O’Keefe’s exposure.

Yet despite certain setbacks, O’Keefe indicated that he will not abandon his long-term effort. According to media sources, O’Keefe intends to move away from the extremely confused acts of the Veritas Board of Directors.

O’Keefe is renowned for his dogged pursuit of the most powerful government criminals. In a recent video, O’Keefe made light of his relentless pursuit of Dr. Anthony Fauci, demanding that the US Government address the nation’s COVID concerns.

The situation was covered by Newsweek.

Stephen Bannon, the former senior strategist for Donald Trump, swore “war” on everyone responsible for James O’Keefe’s resignation as the leader of the right-wing organisation Project Veritas.

He said, “no one who had anything to do with O’Keefe being terminated at Veritas will ever have anything to do with War Room.” Bannon added: “This is going to be war.”

More on this storry via The Republic Brief:

O’Keefe announced his removal from the company on Monday. He said the group’s board stripped him of all decision-making powers. In addition, it had removed O’Keefe from his role as chairman following complaints over his treatment of staff. CONTINUE READING…

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