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Steve Bannon is SWATTED During His Live WarRoom Podcast

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On Thursday, prominent Trump supporter Steve Bannon was struck while live-streaming his War Room program.

Bannon was the target of a dangerous cyberbullying tactic in which a caller describes a violent incident at the target’s address in an attempt to provoke an armed police response.

In 2017, at least twice as many swattings were committed against the erstwhile chief strategist of the Trump White House.

“What they’re trying to do on the swats is they’re trying to have suicide by police,’ Bannon said. ‘They’re trying to make sure that something happens here that one of the police officers gets concerned about what’s going on and actually starts off firing.”

Bannon stated that the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., was “aware” that he was being targeted because his Capitol Hill home had previously received phone calls.

The former White House employee resides in a brick row house known as the “Breitbart Embassy” for many years on a tranquil street behind the Supreme Court.

During Breitbart’s heyday, employees would host raucous parties complete with a mariachi band and a toy horse.

Following Trump’s return to CNN on Wednesday evening for a town hall event in New Hampshire with Kaitlan Collins, Bannon had a massive amount of new content to share on his War Room program on Thursday morning.

However, he stated that law enforcement prevented him from playing such recordings.

“We are going to break the performance down, last night, more in the 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. show, whereas I was gonna try to do [it] this morning, but there’s so much going on – including the fact we got swatted in the middle of the show when I was in the “C” block in the first hour,” Bannon said.

“I’m telling my team, “Hey, can you knock it off?” I’ve got to concentrate here.” We’re actually getting swatted here,” he continued.

The former White House representative claimed that perpetrators were being investigated and referred to those responsible as “criminals.”

“They’re criminals and here’s why – they fear this audience. They understand that this is ascendant. And what they’re gonna try to do is take any voice, whether it’s Donald Trump or Tucker Carlson or Steve Bannon of the War Room, they’re gonna try to eliminate all those voices,” Bannon said.

“They understand that an informed electorate is an electorate that will demand consent to the governed. And the governed right now are not consenting to this, whether it’s on the southern border of this country, or what other investigations,” the strategist added.

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