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Steve Bannon Learns His Fate

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Former White House chief strategist and prominent Trump ally Steve Bannon is about to learn whether his appeal against his conviction for contempt of Congress will be granted.

Bannon received a four-month prison sentence in October 2022, subsequent to his conviction on two counts of contempt pertaining to his failure to comply with a congressional subpoena issued by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack. The sentence was rendered in October 2022.

A court of appeals is scheduled to hear oral arguments on November 9. During the pending adjudication of his guilty appeal, Bannon has not been incarcerated.

Bannon appealed his conviction, stating that he was unable to provide an explanation for his decision to evade the subpoena. According to information provided to the Court of Appeals by Bannon’s attorney, David Schoen, Bannon was apprised by his former counsel, Robert Costello, that Bannon was unable to renounce the executive privilege that Trump had exercised on October 5, 2021. This privilege had previously hindered Bannon from providing testimony or submitting documents.

The prosecution refuted the executive privilege claim, adding that Bannon ceased his employment at the White House in 2017 and is presently an individual with private affairs. Regarding the counts of contempt, he was indicted on November 12, 2021.

Each party will be allotted ten minutes to present their argument to the three appeals court justices.

“No matter where anyone stands on Mr. Bannon, everyone should hope the conviction gets reversed on appeal,” Schoen told Newsweek prior to the proceedings. It is a very dangerous proposition to hold someone criminally culpable and send them to prison without a finding that he or she ever acted in any way that he or she believed was against the law or wrong. That is what happened here.”

Schoen asserts that the prosecution “convinced” the court during the trial that Bannon’s failure to comply with a subpoena was adequate grounds for his conviction.

“They argued that it did not matter why he didn’t comply, but then they were permitted to tell the jury that he ignored the subpoena and did not comply because he thought he was ‘above the law.’ They knew that wasn’t true,” Schoen continued.

Mark Romano, an attorney who consistently challenges Trump’s stance, conveyed his discontent regarding the protracted duration of the appeal process subsequent to Bannon’s conviction by jury in July 2022.

Romano wrote on X, the former Twitter platform, “The ridiculously slow pace of the justice system is a reason so many people have rightly lost faith in it. Steve Bannon was convicted more than a year ago and they still haven’t heard oral arguments on his appeal. This is a simple case which should have been over long ago.”

After a jury pronounced him guilty in July of last year, Bannon told reporters that he would be filing an appeal and that “we may have lost a battle here today, but we’re not gonna lose this war.”

U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Matthew M. Graves, issued a statement subsequent to the guilty verdict, affirming that Stephen Bannon’s subpoena could not be rejected or disregarded.

“Mr. Bannon had an obligation to appear before the House Select Committee to give testimony and provide documents. His refusal to do so was deliberate and now a jury has found that he must pay the consequences.”

Bannon provided some disheartening information in August concerning the third presidential campaign of former President Donald Trump and the obstacles he will encounter in 2024.

Bannon predicted “political warfare” for the foreseeable future in a segment of his “War Room” program, where he also stated that the 2024 general election would be “nothing but a war” for the former president. At one stage, Bannon was the chief White House advisor to Trump.

“Get Prepared, we got a fight ahead of us,” Bannon warned. “There’s still the primary, the RNC and the donors are gonna try and [block] Trump, so we gotta get through that. The general election and I don’t have to believe Biden will be the nominee, I think they’ll trade him out, but we’ve got nothing but a war in the general election. We’ve got six to eight years ahead of us of absolute political warfare.”

Although several major donors attempted to derail Trump by supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the primary has nearly concluded with Trump emerging as the clear favorite and has recently surpassed Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential polls.

We covered a recent interview of Trump by Bannon.

Bannon, who now hosts one of the most popular political podcasts in the world called ‘War Room,’ had a one-on-one sit down with Donald Trump on Friday. In the exclusive televised podcast, Trump was allowed to say what he couldn’t on mainstream networks, specifically Fox News, which he noted in the interview as not being able to speak freely on due to the mainstream network’s censoring of the truth.

Much of what Trump has had to hold back in saying, was aired out in his candid interview with his former strategist and friend, Steve Bannon, in the nearly one hour live interview. A lot was learned in that candid time together.

Among the hot takes from Trump that’s he’s rarely, if ever shared before, is that he used tariffs to secure the border, Covid was used by the left to cheat the election, DeSantis is “losing badly,” we’re going to win the 2024 election and Make America Great Again, and perhaps most importantly, that he said that he could get Ukraine and Russia settled in 24 hours.

See the top clips of his comments below:

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