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Steve Bannon Predicts Beginning of the End for Kevin McCarthy

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Steve Bannon has a negative outlook on Kevin McCarthy. According to him, McCarthy will be forced out of his position as speaker of the House due to his agreement with Democrats on the debt ceiling increase.

According to Bannon’s comments to Newsweek on Thursday, the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023, which was voted on by the Senate on June 1st, was essentially a Democratic measure. He cited the 165 House Democrats who supported it and propelled it to victory, which the leadership and President Joe Biden lauded as a victory over “extreme voices.”

Only 149 House Republicans supported it. During the final negotiations between Biden and McCarthy, the GOP was unable to obtain some of its most important demands, including a less-than-desired return of already-spent COVID-19 relief funds and less stringent modifications to the expanded work requirements for Medicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

It would be too much of a double standard to indict Trump but not Biden on document handling charges alone, he predicted, so the DOJ would concentrate on related charges such as obstruction.

“I think [McCarthy’s] gonna be gone relatively quickly,” Bannon predicted. “It can’t exist like this. He double-crossed people. He lied to people. He had all these press conferences, ‘We’re gonna hold the line,’ and he was already giving it away.”

Approximately $1.3 trillion of the reductions result from the legislation’s restriction on non-defense discretionary expenditure for fiscal years 2024 and 2025. In 2024, expenditures will be nearly the same as they are now, and they will increase by no more than 1% in 2025.

McCarthy has lauded as successes his efforts to persuade the Biden administration to divert $20 billion in anticipated funding for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to other non-defense sectors and to lift the lengthy COVID-era moratorium on student loan repayments.

For Bannon and the House Freedom Caucus, four trillion dollars is the most significant number. Regardless of the “marginal, small cuts” agreed to by the senior officials of both parties, he previously told Newsweek that the agreement will increase the national debt by at least that amount.

According to Bannon, McCarthy was outmatched by House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, who lauded Biden’s leadership for thwarting the “extremism” of House Republicans during negotiations and claimed that the final package was a Democratic victory.

McCarthy cannot even convene procedural votes on legislation that would prevent the prohibition of gas stoves due to the sufficient number of House Republicans “holding the floor” during the current session.

“Right now [McCarthy’s] being bled out every day on this, and if these guys seize the floor, they’re not going to give it up,” Bannon added. “This is a forcing function to show that he’s actually in partnership with Hakeem Jeffries—that Hakeem Jeffries is actually the majority leader and not [Republican] Steve Scalise.”

In a Wednesday interview with Punchbowl News, Scalise, the second-ranking Republican in the House, acknowledged “anger” within his party. He asserted that he had no significant impact on the Fiscal Responsibility Act negotiations and that he was unaware of every promise made by the majority leader in January that enabled him to gain the necessary votes to assume the gavel.

“Fox [News] can’t cover that up, that ‘this is unity, this is compromise’ when people realize this is a Democratic bill now….There’s a fantasy out there that [McCarthy] can exist with four Democratic votes, but the base of the Republican Party’s not gonna support that,” according to Bannon, who described Jeffries as an imposing New York politician.

“These congressmen are gonna go back to their districts and people are gonna crush them. They’re gonna sit there and go, ‘What are you talking about? We did all this work and Hakeem Jeffries is your partner? Screw you. We’re not going to tolerate it.’”.

Tom Emmer, the Whip of the Republican House Majority, sees things differently.

“House Republicans have been extremely successful as a team for the first five months doing things people never thought possible,” Emmer said to Newsweek. “It’s unrealistic to expect there will be no disagreements when there are 222 personalities involved, and we’re going to come out the other side even stronger as a team.”

Despite the fact that a motion to remove McCarthy as speaker requires only one vote, Bannon, presenter of the popular podcast War Room, described it as a “brutal force instrument.” Instead, he believes McCarthy’s continued opposition will set a precedent that will cause nearly half of the 149 Republicans in “deep red districts” to switch their support to his opponent.

“Everything about the deal is awful,” Bannon declared. “And the key mortal sin you can’t ever recover from is making two years uncapped. They technically called a recession for the Eurozone today. China is in a freefall because of American demand. Our economy slowing down. The World Bank just gave a best case with the U.S. giving 1.1 percent growth.

“We’re f*****, and one reason we’re f***** is this deal. And that was a Republican pushing it. He cannot remain.”

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