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Steve Bannon warns about ‘dangerous rhetoric pointed at Republicans and MAGA’

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This week, Steve Bannon’s accomplishments have been monumental. Since Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican Party, came on Bannon’s War Room show to discuss the need of communicating with the ordinary American voter, there is no longer any doubt that Steve Bannon is the leader of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement.

While meeting with Bannon, McDaniel asked individuals to join the ‘Grand Old Party’ (GOP) in a number of capacities. That was intriguing. Over the years, Bannon has meticulously groomed his audience to function in these roles in order to win elections.

Bannon has urged individuals to serve as Poll workers, Precinct leaders, and in other capacities that will alter the electoral performance of Republicans in important swing states. Something that the GOP could not do on their own. And Bannon does this publicly.

Left-leaning According to her Twitter timeline, Madeline Pelz is aware that Bannon is calling audibles on his program to alter the game, particularly in liberal zones.

One can almost feel the panic:

McDaniel made her Monday appearance on Bannon’s War Room exactly one month before the midterm elections – which occur every two years and are somewhat less interesting than a presidential race – and she listed the same states.

Historically, the Republican Party, which is not recognized for its close relationship with American citizens, has been difficult to inspire eligible voters to participate in midterm elections. Typically, the party is so uninteresting that it cannot motivate many people to vote.

The left became certain that they would never have to compete with Republicans in midterm elections.

But Bannon has little issue sparking his audience to action; his followers and supporters essentially do what he suggests. And wherever he sends his large audience, they will make a great splash.

The left is despondent over it. And the right requires this backing urgently.

Bannon has provided his audience with targets to strike and schooled them to be a politically astute and tenacious force, and now even the collapsing Republican Party needs the populist Bannon.

Bannon is the “Commander George Washington” of our century, transforming a group of patriots who were heartbroken by the 2020 election into soldiers capable of defending the Republic.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The left sees him as that powerful. Peltz sees him as that powerful. That is what their crying is all about.

In a few short years, Bannon has gone from a relatively shadowy figure known mostly to political pundits and watchers to becoming a household name to the average internet user. CONTINUE READING…

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