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Steve Bannon warns ‘whole Fauci family’ of what’s coming their way after Midterms

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Steve Bannon, the host of the program War Room, plays a prominent part in the left’s immature fantasies of political violence against them, which should compel reasonable individuals to reject their reporting on all political topics, as they are pitiful hypocrites.

Bannon did predict that Dr. Anthony Fauci would be in serious jeopardy if Republicans regain control of Washington, D.C. in November, but this writer’s coverage of Bannon’s comments is simplistic and nonsensical.

Bannon is one of the most influential figures in contemporary politics, and he is clearly the target of unprecedented political intimidation and power grabs by the US government; however, the lapdog media shirks their role as government watchdogs in favor of a pro-government public relations campaign, openly defending the actions being used against Bannon, who is a private citizen.

Check out this article for the perfect example:

“WATCH: Steve Bannon Threatens “The Whole Fauci Family” With “Payback” After Midterms,” Steph Bazzle reported for The Hill, adding:

“Steve Bannon is facing jail time for his own actions, but he’s openly plotting revenge — against Dr. Anthony Fauci and family.”

What does probable jail time have to do with Bannon’s remarks against Fauci, ask reporters? Is it a menace of some sort? Similar to: cease talking about Fauci or risk more jail time. Do any of you believe that this story is anything other than a danger to Bannon, given this government and these kind of journalists?

I digress.

Then, in her article, Bazzle, pretending that the majority of the world does not view Fauci as a problematic character for his role in the COVID pandemic, demonstrates a complete lack of integrity by pushing a narrative that Bannon is doing more on his program than reflecting the feelings, beliefs, and aspirations of his audience.

It is unclear how Brazzle perceives Bannon to be doing anything other than stating facts about the probable investigations into Fauci’s suspicious actions, which Bannon knows will occur in Washington, D.C. following the midterm elections if the Republicans regain power – because the people will demand it.

Bazzle continues, uncovering no further threats from Bannon, but offers a veiled threat herself:

“It’s not just his sentence for contempt of Congress after he defied a subpoena that’s got Bannon riled up. He seems to blame Dr. Fauci for the removal of his podcast from Twitter, and he’s promising that after the midterms, “the entire Fauci family” is going to suffer.”

Bazzle stated, oblivious to Fauci’s ties to the CDC and FBI, that he forced them to utilize their government authority to shut down private sector video creators for violating harsh COVID requirements.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Watch as Bazzle openly shows her double standards for Republicans, again- ignoring the fact that liberals often use their free speech to openly and brazenly threaten people with actual violence, while Bannon used a figure of speech about Fauci that reflected how many people felt at the time- getting Bannon denied the use of a public platform over it. CONTINUE READING…

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