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Stormy Daniels Makes Stunning Admission About Trump in Explosive Interview

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Stormy Daniels, whose lies are being used as a weapon by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to secure a corrupt indictment against President Donald J. Trump, has spoken publicly, and what she said should make people sit up and pay attention to how out of control the “get Trump” crowd has become.

The primary actress in their most recent drama, which is intended to damage the America First President, is a woman who appears to enjoy sex with anyone who pays her and records it all for others to view, despite the fact that she is not a dependable or trustworthy individual.

And what this actress just said may sway the opinions of a few individuals should this matter ever reach the courtroom.

Stormy has altered her account of her alleged encounter with Trump numerous times, and none of her accounts appear to be particularly credible.

Considering her as a witness seems absurd. Recently, the pornographic actress provided a new dramatic account of her “affair,” which Trump has denied ever occurring:

“Stormy,” which is her screen name, talked to Piers Morgan on Thursday and told him that she would testify against Trump if asked.

She also said that even she does not think Trump should be imprisoned over the lies she told or over the crazy charges the Marxist DA had forced on Trump, who is a Presidential candidate for 2024.

“I just finished an astonishing 90-minute interview with Stormy Daniels,” Morgan Tweeted. “Everyone’s had their say about her; now she tells HER story about the fling that may send President Trump to prison.”

“It’s daunting, but I look forward to it. You know what I mean? Because I have nothing to hide,” Daniels said of testifying. “I’m the only one that has been telling the truth. And, you know, it can’t shame me anymore.”

“I think having them call me in and put me on the stand legitimizes my story and who I am. And if they don’t, it almost feels like they’re hiding me,” she said.

Stormy, who is glad to be a pornographic actress and has repeatedly embarrassed herself in public, has lost numerous legal cases to Trump due to her dishonesty and refusal to comply with lawful orders to pay him.

In addition to her legal issues and contempt of court, she is unlikely to be summoned as a witness.

Intriguingly, she now appears eager to be cordial and to retract some of the venomous things she has said and done over the years to undermine Trump’s ability to lead the nation.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Stormy says she would instead go to prison than follow the order of the law. Yet, this woman who makes her living having sex on film with just about anyone- and who refuses to abide by other rules, is the DA’s sweetheart to damage the Republican’s leading Presidential candidate: CONTINUE READING…

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