Student Who Confronted Brian Stelter Over ‘Disinformation’ Goes on Tucker — and Does It Again

A college student has made national headlines after pointing out the obvious: CNN has spread disinformation. CNN’s Brian Stelter notoriously hosts a show called “Reliable Sources,” but critics say there is nothing reliable about it. Stelter is regularly accused of publishing incorrect information or simply ignoring important stories altogether.

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Stelter showed up to the University of Chicago for a conference on “disinformation” in media. A student named Christopher Phillips, who writes for the Chicago Thinker, confronted Stelter on his own network’s failures.

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Phillips provided some examples. He explained how CNN dismissed Hunter Biden’s laptop, its defamation of Nick Sandmann, and its obsession with the Russian collusion hoax. Stelter didn’t have a good answer. Then Phillips appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson and double-down on his criticism of CNN. Watch as he does it again:

The scandal-plagued network of CNN has suffered low ratings.

Stelter had his worst month of 2021 with just 81,000 viewers between ages 25-54.

Stelter’s show is called “Reliable Sources” and it claims to cover the media industry. However, Stelter regularly ignores news and scandals that would make liberal media networks look bad.

“Reliable Sources” averaged only 689,000 total viewers for its worst month of the year in 2021.

Stelter has insisted that Biden’s border crisis is a manufactured “right-wing” narrative but ABC’s Jonathon Karl insists otherwise, according to Fox News.

As Biden was pressured to visit the southern border, Stelter said, “That is how right-wing narratives trickle into the rest of the press and they divert attention.”

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Greg Sargent and Amanda Marcotte agreed that Republicans are “setting the agenda on immigration” and “they decide that there’s a border crisis.”

Jonathon Karl joined Stetler, Sargent, and Marcotte and was asked what he thought about the questions that were asked of Biden when he took his first solo press conference last week.

Karl said, “Watching from home, I would’ve liked to have seen, you know, more questions, certainly questions on COVID.”

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“But there were good questions asked,” Karl said. “You pointed to Cecilia Vega.”

“I think that’s incredibly valuable. That is not ‘right-wing talking points.’ Cecilia had just been at the border, she had just talked to migrants who have come over — including some that said point-blank that they had come because they thought they would have better treatment now that Joe Biden was president.”

“That’s a legitimate question to put to the president and I thought that his answer was one of the more interesting moments in that press conference.”