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Stunning Report: Human Error Blamed as Thousands of Voters Given Wrong Ballots

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In general, the professionalism and competence of our civil servants are in question; however, after the midterm elections in November, there is little doubt that we are a nation in crisis, governed by extremely incompetent people who lack even the most fundamental skills to perform basic functions, let alone to be the great vanguard of American liberty in our great institutions.

We are a nation in decay, and this is another another instance of incompetence on the part of election authorities.

“Hundreds of voters cast their ballots in the wrong races during the November midterms after election officials provided erroneous updates to voter lists in Nashville, Tennessee. According to the Associated Press, more than 430 Tennessee voters were affected when officials did not follow the correct steps to make sure voting lists were accurate, a state elections coordinator noted in a review that was released on Friday,” Jon Doughtery reported for Conservative Brief, adding:

The AP said that a report from state Elections Coordinator Mark Goins attributed the situation in Music City to “human error.” Davidson County Election Commission officials acknowledged that more over 3,000 voters were incorrectly assigned to one or more districts, and hundreds of people cast ballots before the error was detected.

The AP also noted:

Included in the impacted contests were state legislative and congressional elections, for which Republican state legislators had recently split the left-leaning city into three pieces during this year’s once-every-decade redistricting, severing several areas. Republican efforts to flip a Democratic seat through redistricting finally succeeded, leading to the party’s control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

According to the analysis by Goins, the main cause of the problems was that Nashville election officials updated voter data after the city’s IT GIS division compared voter addresses to new district borders using geocoding, a computerized procedure.

Geocoding can be performed multiple times during a process, according to the report, and the commission did not verify its changes through a final round of geocoding by the IT GIS division, which a commission staff member declined in March after election officials had made thousands more manual edits.

State: ‘Human error’ helped spur wrong ballots in Nashville; report says local election officials didn’t use final round of geocoding to confirm voters’ new districts; 3000+ voters were wrongly placed, 437 voted in wrong race before issue was flagged,” Jonathan Mattise (@JonathanMattise) posted on Twitter on December 30, 2022.

Officials found that the inaccuracies were not severe enough to alter the outcomes of any races, according to the report.

The Associated Press reported that during early voting before to the November 8 election, Nashville voters were given ballots for the wrong state and congressional contests, prompting election officials to rush to correct the voters’ districts.

As early voting began to wind down on November 3, according to the study, authorities overcorrected in their haste to rectify faults within a limited timeframe.

“The mistakes spurred a lawsuit, which ended in an agreement with elections officials that allowed people who voted in the incorrect district to cast a provisional ballot, but it would only be opened if an election was contested,” the AP reported. “Paper ballots were also available for people who showed up at the polls and thought their voting machine ballot was wrong.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“The issues in Davidson County were the unfortunate combination of human error and failure to follow all steps to ensure changes were made accurately,” Goins noted in the report, according to the AP. “I am confident that through the election commission’s continued work with Metro IT Services, as well as assistance from the Comptroller’s office, they can prevent similar issues in future elections.” CONTINUE READING…

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