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Stunning: Trump Leads Biden in Every Swing State Polled by Bloomberg

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The Republicans’ unrelenting pursuit of former President Donald Trump has had the opposite effect. Furthermore, in tandem with the proliferation of their shortcomings, their narrative has disintegrated.

The results of Bloomberg’s most recent swing-state poll, its third in the past three months, were released on Thursday.

In summary, the news regarding President Joe Biden has steadily deteriorated. This most recent online survey of 4,935 registered voters, conducted from November 27 to December 6, indicated that Trump led Biden in all seven ostensible battleground states that will likely determine the 2024 presidential election outcome.

On average, Trump maintained a five-point lead over Biden in polls. Former President: Pennsylvania by a margin of two; Nevada by three; Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin by four; Georgia by six; and North Carolina by nine.

With the exception of North Carolina, the certified results for the 2020 presidential election indicated that Trump lost all of those states.

Biden has suffered a substantial loss of support from groups that have historically supported the Democratic Party, at least in the past few decades.

“Support among Black voters, a key constituency for Democrats, has dropped since October,” according to Bloomberg. The poll also signaled potential trouble for Biden among Hispanics and young voters aged 18-34.

Benny Johnson, a conservative commentator on X (formerly Twitter), observed on Thursday that the Bloomberg poll mirrored national trends.

Johnson, in fact, juxtaposed images of the national average of key polls conducted by RealClearPolitics since early November and the state-by-state results of Bloomberg. Additionally, the majority of polls consistently indicated that voters favored Trump over Biden.

“Donald Trump LEADS Joe Biden in every swing state polled by Bloomberg. Trump still also leading in the RealClearPolitics National Average,” Johnson posted.

The Bloomberg poll yielded an additional set of intriguing, if not yet inexplicable, results.

For example, RealClearPolitics conducted a more comprehensive analysis of the Bloomberg poll by illustrating the outcomes in every swing state when pollsters incorporated long chance presidential candidates Jill Stein, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Cornel West.

Undoubtedly, West and Stein espouse perspectives that resonate with conventional progressive voters. In addition to garnering support from right-leaning populists, Kennedy’s critique of censorship, the deep state, and the establishment narrative on vaccinations has earned him the support of those who share some of the same views.

Former President Kennedy made marginally more progress in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Wisconsin when West and Stein were considered in addition to Trump and Biden. Nonetheless, Trump suffered a 1% loss in Pennsylvania and Arizona. The inclusion of the three additional candidates in Michigan did not impact Trump’s 4-point lead.

Possibly the most important inference that can be made from the five-way results is that they had no effect on the outcomes. Trump has consistently won.

Moreover, victory is his in 2024. Biden has, after all, presided over the most autocratic administration in the annals of the United States. Moreover, the repercussions of the president’s open border policies and blank-check support for Ukraine are so disastrous that it is impossible to determine whether they were the result of oversight or intentional subversion.

As a result, the poll conducted by Bloomberg provided encouraging proof that voters have taken note of the Democrats’ effort to imprison Biden’s opponent. Additionally, voters have observed that diversity, as Democrats covertly define it, does not constitute an asset in and of itself.

We hope they continue to recognize that the claims made by Biden, Democrats, and the establishment are almost always proven to be false.

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