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Supreme Court Announcement Has Democrats Freaking Out

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Democrats have plainly attempted every known plan to seize control in North Carolina since Conservatives offered the state’s inhabitants hope for a better future during Barack Obama’s tyrannical years. During those years, several of the same figures we see now in the General Assembly and on the State Supreme Court were driving a Conservative wave across the state.

Then there were a slew of radical Marxist usurpations headed by radicals in Obama’s sphere, and politics in the state appeared dismal.

Now, the beleaguered state nicknamed as the “tar heel,” whose state motto is “First in Freedom,” may be leading the country in electoral reform, which might change everything for 2024.

Here’s a hint to help you comprehend what’s going to happen: Moore v. Harper is a current United States Supreme Court case involving the independent state legislative doctrine, which arose from the redistricting of North Carolina’s districts by the North Carolina legislature.

“The independent state legislature theory (ISL) holds that the United States Constitution delegates authority to regulate federal elections within a state to that state’s elected lawmakers without any checks and balances from state courts, governors, or other bodies with legislative power” (such as constitutional conventions or independent commissions).

In other words, if we can retain it, we are a republic. And the concept does not sit well with the hardline Marxists.

Martin Walsh of Conservative Brief focused on the specifics of how the 2022 elections may have changed everything:

North Carolina’s carefully watched election dispute is currently before the United States Supreme Court, and it has the potential to derail the 2024 presidential election.

“Conservative Supreme Court justices appeared skeptical about a state court’s decision to strike down Republican-drawn congressional districts in North Carolina, but it seemed unlikely a majority would embrace a broad theory that could upend election law nationwide. The appeal brought by North Carolina Republicans asks the court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority, to embrace a hitherto obscure legal argument called the ‘independent state legislature theory,’ which could strip state courts of the power to strike down certain election laws enacted by state legislatures,” the New Yorker reported.

“The independent state legislature argument hinges on language in the Constitution that says election rules ‘shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof.’ Supporters of the theory, which has never been endorsed by the Supreme Court, say the language supports the notion that, when it comes to federal election rules, legislatures have ultimate power under state law, potentially irrespective of potential constraints imposed by state constitutions,” the outlet added.

“Backed by Republican leaders at the N.C. General Assembly, the crux of the argument is that they and all other state legislators should have much broader power to write election laws, with courts mostly not allowed to stop them by ruling their actions unconstitutional. They’ve been tight-lipped about the case since filing it this spring, mostly preferring to avoid commenting on it to reporters and instead doing their talking through legal briefs. Beyond redistricting the case also has the potential to change how North Carolina and the 49 other states handle everything from early voting and mail-in ballots rules to voter ID, recounts, post-election audits, and anything else that could possibly affect an election,” the outlet added.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The New Yorker didn’t sound hopeful for the Republican effort; however, there’s been another significant turn of events after the 2022 elections flipped the power of the NC high court to the Republicans. CONTINUE READING…

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