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Supreme Court Just Dropped Crucial Ruling Right Before Midterms

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In the state of North Carolina, a long-running, evil leftist campaign to undermine the integrity of the electoral process has been centered on the idea that US citizens should need photo IDs to vote.

The left has been successful in preventing North Carolinians from using their constitutional right to choose voter ID at the polls, disenfranchising Americans of all skin colors and cultural backgrounds.

In order to prevent the state’s voters from getting their way, the left in North Carolina has been well organized for a decade. Radicals like William Barber and Eric Holder of the North Carolina NAACP have been marching around the state with street activists, disrupting business, civic life, and commerce while making demands and using lawfare against the populace.

Voters in North Carolina have often expressed their desire for some kind of state identification to be required in order to obtain a ballot for a vote.

The Republicans are getting closer to regaining their voices in a double smackdown on the loony left, which could possibly put an end to their utopian dreams for the Tar Heel state. For years, the left has won by denying the voters and then swiftly changing the state into something that is almost unrecognizable.

And it all occurs just before what is expected to be a historic midterm election in November, with voters furious over a number of failed Democratic plans and schemes and with Democrats clinging to a tenuous advantage in the state.

Republican legislative leaders in North Carolina won a case involving the state’s most recent photo identification voting statute from the U.S. Supreme Court back in June.

Then, the U.S. Supreme Court put an end to the more than three-year legal fight over the voter ID law by ruling 8-1 that North Carolina legislature leaders could participate in the federal lawsuit to defend the law.

The state is under increasing pressure to conform in some way so that the left doesn’t appear to be the usurping force that they actually are. The voter ID controversy follows the destruction of the state’s voter integrity process in September 2020, while early voting was already taking place, by infamous lawbreakers Attorney Marc Elias and Executive Director of the North Carolina State Board of Elections Karen Brinson Bell.

At the same time that a Black Conservative Republican resigned from his position under Binson Bell in protest over the obvious usurpation of the voting laws by disregarding the General Assembly and changing voting laws while people were already voting, Republican candidate for governor at the time, Lt. Governor Dan Forest, had contacted Bill Barr about a developing civil rights issue.

Barr disregarded Forest’s letter from September 25, 2020.

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The North Carolina state supreme court has decided on a 4-3 party-line vote to hear oral arguments in an appeal of the state’s picture voter ID statute in October.

With two Supreme Court seats up for election in November, the left is in danger. If they take one of the two seats up for election, Republicans might retake the majority on the court.

Moreover, the court has the sole authority to enact long-term change.

“In light of the great public interest in the subject matter of this case, the importance of the issues to the constitutional jurisprudence of this State, and the need to reach a final resolution on the merits at the earliest possible opportunity, … [t]his case shall be scheduled for oral argument as soon as practicable, on a date to be determined during arguments scheduled the week of 3 October 2022, or by special setting no later than 18 October 2022,”  Justice Robin Hudson writes in te order.

Chief Justice Paul Newby penned the following for the three Republicans on the Court: “Once more, the majority expedites the hearing of a case where no jurisprudential reason supports doing so. Given the impending November elections, expedited hearing in October on this voter ID matter will likely cause voter confusion, … especially when this Court recently entered a decision in another case involving voter ID, N.C. NAACP v. Moore.”

What’s interesting to note is that, according to the AP, the NAACP just lost its tax status in the state:

“North Carolina’s influential state chapter of the NAACP has lost its federal tax-exempt status for failing to file tax returns for three years, according to the federal government.
The Internal Revenue Service stripped the civil rights organization’s state chapter of its tax-exempt status May 15 under a process that automatically revokes the designation for nonprofits that fail to file federal tax returns for three consecutive years, according to a post on the IRS site. The status change was made public this month.

The state chapter has been a prominent voice in decrying the policies of the state’s Republican-controlled legislature, including challenging voter access laws in recent years. Earlier this month, the civil rights group scored a victory when the state Supreme Court ruled a lower court must consider nullifying a voter ID mandate approved by citizens in 2018.

The loss of federal tax-exempt status was first reported by The News & Observer in Raleigh. The newspaper reports that experts on charitable giving say losing the status could hinder fundraising efforts and potentially drain the organization’s resources through taxes on donations and fines.”

The NAACP in North Carolina has been a corrupt organization and at the center of all of the leftist attacks on the Republic. But State Democrats are defending their political agenda to deny the American people free and fair elections, nonetheless.

“Additionally, the trial court’s permanent injunction in favor of plaintiffs remains intact,” Newby added. “Expedited consideration, therefore, will not provide plaintiffs any new relief that they do not already enjoy. Accordingly, nothing suggests that expedited hearing is necessary ‘[t]o prevent manifest injustice’ or to protect ‘the public interest.’”

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