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Supreme Court’s Major Announcement On Biden’s Vax Mandate

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On Jan. 7, the United States Supreme Court will listen to oral arguments in cases brought against President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine rules, regarding large employers and healthcare workers.

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A special session will be arranged during that day, where judges will decide whether Biden’s rules should be implemented or not.

“The cases being heard are National Federation of Independent Business v. Department of Labor, Ohio v. Department of Labor, Biden v. Missouri and Becerra v. Louisiana.

The major conflict in this legal battle would be over an emergency Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule that demands that those who employ over 100 workers must get their employers vaccinated or take tests frequently,” The Western Journal reported.

“Multiple business organizations and Republican states contend OSHA overstepped the authority Congress vested it within its mandate. The plaintiffs also contend that the Biden administration does not have the constitutional authority to make such mandates.”

“The goal of getting more Americans vaccinated does not allow the executive branch to use regulatory fiat to achieve a significant social, economic, and political change via the limited emergency power that Congress authorized,” 26 business organizations under the leadership of the National Federation of Independent Business contended, according to Bloomberg Law.

CNN reported that “The Supreme Court decided to do the hearings after those challenging the employer mandate and the healthcare worker mandate approached Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh, asking them to intervene in what had been disputes in lower courts.”

The Biden Admin insisted Wednesday that it is “confident in the legal authority for both policies.

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