Survey: GOP Voters Prefer Trump to DeSantis

According to the most recent political survey, Americans consider DeSantis should run only if President Trump doesn’t do the same. If this isn’t the case, President Trump enjoys far bigger support than DeSantis.

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The question of which MAGA candidate should run in 2024 is one that’s currently bedevilling the conservative right.

On one hand, there’s Trump, who revived the right in 2015, should have won in 2020, and is a proven enemy of Red China and the globalist elite.

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On the other, there’s younger and ambitious DeSantis, who is calmer and more focused than Trump, but hasn’t had as much time to prove himself an enemy of the elites and show that he’ll fight in the sort of savage, no holds barred style that Trump does.

According to a recent survey, GOP voters are overwhelmingly in support of Trump, preferring him by a double-digit margin and generally thinking that DeSantis should only run if Trump doesn’t.

The poll was conducted by Echelon Insights, found that, when given a choice between Trump and DeSantis, the GOP is still strongly behind Trump.

According to it, when asked, “If the 2024 Republican presidential primaries were being held today and you had to make a choice, for whom would you vote?” Trump won by double-digits. He received 57 % of the total vote to DeSantis’s 32 % , a healthy win in what was more or less a straight-up contest between the two MAGA figures, as the other potential candidates are nowhere near as popular.

Of those who responded in favor of either Trump or DeSantis, only 17 % said that they were all in for DeSantis and would “definitely” vote for him, whereas a massive 41 % said that they would “definitely” vote for Trump, showing that Trump’s base is not only larger, but much more solid than that of DeSantis.

furthermore, on the question

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“Which of the following comes closest to your view, even if none are exactly right? Ron DeSantis should…” and then given the options of “Run for President in 2024, regardless of if Donald Trump runs or not,” “Run for President in 2024, only if Donald Trump does not run,” “Not run for President,” and “Unsure.”

The largest chuck, 31 % said that DeSantis should only run if Trump does not, with another 18 % saying that he shouldn’t run at all. Just over a quarter, 26 % , said that he should run under any circumstances.